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    Here's What Everyone From The New Season Of "Queer Eye" Is Doing Now

    And where you can buy that Jones Bar-B-Q sauce.

    By now, you've HOPEFULLY binged all of Queer Eye's latest season. SO MANY EMOTIONS!


    And if you're like me, you're probably curious what the latest batch of ~heroes~ is up to now. Did they keep JVN's haircut? Are they putting Tan's new wardrobe to good use? Did Karamo's life lessons save their souls???


    Well, because I love you, I did a little digging on social media. Here's what everyone's been up to...

    1. Jody Castellucci, AKA the camo-loving, squirrel-eating hunter:


    She doesn't use Instagram much, but she did upload a slideshow of behind-the-scenes photos from her episode with the caption, "Life Changing ♥️."

    She also posted this before/after pic of herself. SHE'S FEELIN' HER NEW VIBE!

    And from the looks of it, she's done a great job maintaining her new style.

    "I feel more confident and my husband says I look more striking and vibrant!" Jody told Refinery29 of her experience on the show. "What a difference five wonderful guys made in my life."

    2. Next, we have Joey Greene, the camp counselor who lived a very minimalist lifestyle:


    He doesn't have an Instagram, but in an interview with KCUR, he spoke very fondly of his time on the show.

    "They didn't try to put me into a house that they thought would look cool," he said. "[They] found out a lot of things about my relationship with my son...and then kind of tried to model the apartment after that."

    He also mentioned that — gasp — he hasn't even watched his own episode yet:

    We're gonna try to do some different watch parties and stuff and gather with people, so that will be my first time seeing the episode.

    3. And then we have Mary and Deborah Jones, the sisters and restauranteurs behind Jones Bar-B-Q:


    They proudly displayed their ~new looks~ on their brand's Instagram page.

    And their restaurant is killing the game, too. They even recently did a segment on The Steve Harvey Show — and they looked real snazzy.

    Oh, and their barbecue sauce business is BOOMING! According to their Facebook page, they've already sold 11,000 bottles since their episode aired. You can order a bottle of your own here.

    4. Onto our next hero, Robert Hitchcock — the slightly-too-self-deprecating groom-to-be:


    From the looks of his Instagram, he's working hard to keep that beard groomed! It *almost* looks like he's going for JVN's twirly-mustache-and-beard combo.

    He also paid a visit to Jones Bar-B-Q, looking real sharp.

    And even got a picture with his fellow QE hero, Deborah!

    5. And then we have Jess Guilbeaux, the self-described "lumberjack lesbian" whose episode had me shedding MANY tears:


    Her recent Instagram pics prove that she has been living her best life since the Fab Five left.

    I mean really, the Janelle Monae jumped OUT!

    Speaking of Janelle, the singer actually tweeted a message of support to Jess after seeing the episode. It was very sweet.

    A friend hit me & told me to watch ep. 5 on @QueerEye 😭😭😭 This entire season is special . Please watch . Also @jesslayica you are my personal hero

    “I think about my experience with [the Fab Five] every day," Jess told Entertainment Tonight of her experience. "It goes into every single facet of my life now. Everything I learned from them — it’s the energy that I put into every action that I do.”

    6. Next up, we've got Rob Elrod, the widowed father of two who was getting ready to throw a housewarming party in his new home:


    Rob doesn't have much in terms of public social media accounts, but he told Refinery29 how his experience on Queer Eye gave him the confidence he needed to be a single parent:

    [I now] know I can take care of my boys on my own. It’s great to have help available when needed, but I can shop for clothes, get their hair cut, and cook them a healthy meal without forgetting about me.

    7. Next, we have Thomas Diggs, the 21-year-old whose sister desperately wanted him to come out of his shell a bit:


    He doesn't post LOTS of pics of himself on his Instagram, but from what we can see, he's still looking slick, and still playing lots and lots of video games.

    UNFORTUNATELY, he also revealed that he broke the nice bed lamp the Fab Five installed for him. Nobody tell Bobby!!!

    8. And finally, we have Tony Blanco, the father-to-be who was nominated because he needed a little help getting his life together before his baby arrived:


    Well, the BIGGEST update for Tony is that his daughter Rowan was born. And she's cute as heck. Come on!!!!

    And he was recently able to rock his new fashion sense at a Daddy Daughter Dance with his girlfriend's six-year-old, Kairi.

    Basically, he is fully living the #dadlife now, and he seems very happy about it. Ain't that sweet!

    Another season, another set of heroes whose lives are changed forever. CAN YOU BELIEVE?