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    Leslie Jones Played Wonder Woman On SNL Last Night And It Was Everything You've Ever Wanted

    Give the people what they want!

    OKAY Y'ALL. We need to talk about something PRETTY DAMN SPECIAL that happened on last night's SNL: Leslie Jones as Wonder Woman.

    How perfect is this shit???

    Gal Gadot was the host of the show, so Leslie made a surprise appearance in her opening monologue as Wonder Woman. And it was...extremely good.

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    Okay, TECHNICALLY Leslie was "Times Square Wonder Woman" — one of those actors who stands out on the street and charges you $$$ for selfies. But ya know what?

    LESLIE DESERVES BETTER! I want a full-blown, 120-minute, $500 million budget superhero movie starring Leslie Jones. AND I WANT IT BY SUMMER 2019.

    DC Comics, you writing this down???


    An icon.