Here's What Lena Dunham Has To Say About That Awkward And Controversial Photo Of Her Trying To Kiss Brad Pitt

    "I would never force a kiss on Brad Pitt."

    Last year, Lena Dunham made headlines after an awkward photo of her attempting to kiss Brad Pitt went viral.

    The photo was taken on the red carpet for their film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Many people felt it showed inappropriate behavior on Lena's part:

    If Brad Pitt did to Margot Robbie what Lena Dunham did to him on the red carpet, Dunham would write a 3,000-word essay about consent

    Lena Dunham was trying kiss Brad Pitt on the mouth here, even though he wasn't into it. I wonder how the media would have covered this had the genders been reversed.

    But not everyone was bothered by the photo. Some assumed it was just an awkward but harmless moment captured on camera:

    the Lena dunham picture is literally just an awkward moment where 2 people miss each other u people calling it sexual assault need to calm down

    Well, in an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Lena Dunham just spoke out about the photo and the backlash she faced for it.

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    "I don't know if you remember, there was a sort of awkward photo taken of the two of us," Lena said to Andy when asked about working with Brad.

    "Well, the way the internet read it was I had somehow physically accosted him, causing him a great deal of stress," she continued.

    Alternate headline: Lena Dunham sexually assaults Brad Pitt.

    Lena clarified that the two are actually good friends and the awkward photo is just...well, an awkward photo:

    I would never force a kiss on Brad Pitt. I respect him far too much as an artist and a friend.

    She also told a sweet story about something Brad did for her later that same evening.

    "Later that night, because he knew I felt nervous, he took me into a room and we secretly ate pizza and I told him I like his ring and he gave it to me," Dunham said. "And every time I wear it, something amazing happens."

    So there you have it. Lena and Brad are all good, and that photo is just awkward AF.

    You can watch Lena Dunham (and Dua Lipa!) spill more tea on WWHL below:

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