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    Joe Jonas Revealed The Very Awkward Way His Parents Found Out He Married Sophie Turner


    You probably heard that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married in a surprise Vegas ceremony last month.

    And while Diplo and a few other celebrities may have been invited, two very important people apparently were not: Joe's parents.

    And, as Joe tells the story in a new interview with Hits1, his parents ended up finding out about his marriage thanks to the internet. Oops.

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    "You know, in my mind, that was the legal portion of the marriage. So I was thinking, this is not the most important day," he explained.

    "There's an important day — I'll keep private — ahead of us," he said, adding that the Vegas wedding was only meant for "whoever's in town."

    Joe went on to explain the rather ~awkward~ way his parents learned of his nuptials:

    They have an amazing restaurant in North Carolina. And I think a couple of their staff walked up and were like, "Congratulations! I saw!" And then they had to find out.

    "So I was doing a lot of, like, careful apologizing," he said. "'Hey! You guys want to come out to LA? I got you four spas at the Four Seasons!'"


    You can check out the full clip here:

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