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    This Beauty Vlogger Underwent A Total "Eco Makeover" And Here's What Happened

    "This is actually kinda difficult. Not gonna lie."

    Let's be honest: We should all probably be a little bit greener with our daily habits — so what if you could give your life a total ~eco makeover~?

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    That's exactly what Jenn Im — a beauty and fashion vlogger with millions of followers across YouTube and Instagram — decided to do, and she documented her entire journey in a video with BuzzFeed.

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    What's an eco makeover, you ask? It's a challenge to change THREE (3) everyday habits of yours that have a negative impact on the environment. Switch to greener alternatives for one week, and see how you fare!


    Jenn was joined by BuzzFeed's own Auri Jackson to kick off her makeover. To pick her three challenges for the week, she got to spin a game show wheel — Pat Sajak is shaking!!!


    After three spins, here was Jenn's challenge for the next seven days: 1) Cut out all meat from her diet. 2) Limit showers to just FIVE minutes. 3) Start a compost.


    Sounds pretty doable, right?? But for Jenn, some challenges would prove more difficult than others — like figuring out how to put together her very first compost.


    So, how did her eco makeover turn out? Did she manage to go a week without meat? Can she really survive without those long, luxurious showers? And how the hell DO you start a compost? Check out the video to find out!

    View this video on YouTube

    And if you want to give your OWN life an eco makeover, here are some handy places to start:

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