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    Reese Witherspoon And Ellen DeGeneres Fought Over Who Was Closer To Jennifer Aniston, So Ellen Called Her Live On Air

    "I'm actually doing a show right now and this is a really important question."

    Reese Witherspoon was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, where she got into a ~tense argument~ with Ellen about who was closer to Jennifer Aniston — and it ended with Jennifer getting called on air.

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    It all started when Reese plugged her upcoming TV series, The Morning Show, which she just finished filming with Jennifer.

    "Right, yeah, she told me she needed a break. She was glad it was over," Ellen teased.

    "Oh, are you saying that you're better friends with Jen than me?" Reese replied.

    "I don't need to say it. It's obvious. I think a lot of people know that," Ellen joked.

    And after much back-and-forth about who was closer to Jennifer, Reese drew a line in the sand:

    Listen, Ellen. We can fight over Oprah. And I know that you and Oprah live close to each other and you really are, like, really close friends. But Jen and I...that's kinda special.

    To which Ellen offered a single-word reply:

    But Ellen wasn't done there. After Reese left the stage, Ellen whipped out her phone and called Jennifer on the air in order to get the truth.

    "Oh my God, hello?" Jennifer answered, very out of breath.

    "Hey. Are you on the treadmill?" Ellen asked.

    "Oh, yeah, sorry," Jennifer replied, unaware that millions of people were listening in.

    "I'm actually doing a show right now and this is a really important question," Ellen said.

    Ellen proceeded to explain the argument she just had with Reese, and asked Jennifer to settle the debate once and for all: Who was she closer to?

    And Jennifer (maybe just wanting to get back on the treadmill) told Ellen exactly what she wished to hear: She likes Ellen more.

    So Ellen quickly hung up on her and called it a day.

    You can watch the entire hilarious saga unfold here:

    View this video on YouTube