Please Do Not Read This Post If You Watched Disney Movies As A Child

    "It's okay to have 101 Dalmatians in your yard."

    Disney movies: We all grew up with them, we all love them, and if we're being honest, we all know they're a little messed up sometimes.

    That's why a recent Reddit thread asked users, "What’s the worst lesson someone could learn from a Disney movie?" The conversation quickly went viral, as more and more people started sharing the screwed up stuff they learned from Disney movies as a kid.

    Here are some of the funniest, craziest, and most eye-opening responses:

    1. "Great things happen to kids when their parents die."

    2. "If you are pure of heart, you can approach wild animals. Unless you want 20 rabies shots in the stomach, don't do this."

    3. "If you see a woman sleeping, just go right up to her and start kissing."

    4. "Don't try to kill all those friendly rats in your kitchen, they'll help you cook gourmet meals."

    5. "You can tell someone is a villain by their facial hair."

    6. "Just repeatedly bludgeon someone with a cast-iron skillet, so hard that they black out. They'll be fine, don't worry. And it's funny!"

    7. "It's okay to have 101 dalmatians in your yard."

    8. "True love can come from a kidnapping."

    9. "That glass shoes are cool. Who the fuck wears glass shoes?! Somebody who wants a severed Achilles tendon the first time they go dancing, that’s who."

    10. "Your waist should be the size of your neck."

    11. "Hereditary monarchies are the only morally justifiable system of government."

    12. "If you don't have a dress for the ball at the castle, just go and sulk in a room full of rodents."

    13. "Bad people are ugly. Good people look beautiful."

    14. "Stepmoms are evil."

    15. "To expect the general public to burst into song at any moment."

    16. "From Aladdin, I thought melons could easily be cracked open over my knee. Some tears and a very bruised knee later, I found that this was not, in fact, a real thing."

    17. "Just keep dreaming and wishing. It will definitely come true."

    18. "Everyone in a kingdom has a different shoe size."

    19. "A man you’ve never even talked to, only admired from afar, is worth selling your soul to the devil for. No, Ariel, no."

    20. "Let a strange old lady into your home or you'll be cursed."

    21. "It's okay to fuck a beast."

    22. "As a woman you need a man in order to escape servitude or capture."

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length or clarity.