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    People Want Carrie Fisher To Replace Donald Trump On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame And OMG


    Ever since Donald Trump became president, his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has say the least.

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    The star has been repeatedly defaced and vandalized...

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    People have used it to make powerful political statements...

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    Heck, one guy even took a jackhammer to it.

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    You might also remember the day a young woman tweeted out photos of herself scrubbing the star, along with the caption, "Nothing but respect for MY president," and a viral meme was born.

    Stopped to clean @realDonaldTrump Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President. #RaisedRight

    So Mark Hamill — AKA Luke Skywalker from Star Warswants to see Trump's star gone. And he has an idea for who can take over the spot: Carrie Fisher.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez

    Yesterday, he retweeted an old article about a resolution to remove Trump's star, adding that he knows "just who should replace him." He hashtagged the tweet #AStarForCarrie.

    Good riddance! (and I know just who should replace him....) #AStarForCarrie ⭐️

    Many Star Wars fans love the idea.

    They think it's a perfectly fitting choice, since Carrie was an outspoken feminist who strongly opposed Trump.

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    People really want to see this star takeover happen.

    @HamillHimself With this (in bronze) as the symbol in the center. #AStarForCarrie

    They think that reclaiming Donald Trump's star as her own would be PEAK Carrie Fisher.

    @HamillHimself That would be so Carrie if her star replaced his! Even in the afterlife, Carrie would have big dick energy.

    Naturally, a few Star Wars puns have been made.

    @HamillHimself All this talk about a star... are we really going to turn this into some sort of... Star Wars? Okay, now that this terrible pun is out of my system, where do I sign to give Carrie her star? #AStarForCarrie

    And lots of people were shocked to find out that Carrie doesn't already have a star.


    After all, she's a true Hollywood icon.

    @HamillHimself I can think of no one more deserving than one of the stars of Hollywood’s First Franchise and one of its all time best script doctors. She was a gift. #AStarForCarrie

    But it turns out the process for receiving a Walk of Fame star after death is a bit complicated. Per the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's rules, it can only happen on the fifth anniversary of the celebrity's death.

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    "We’ll gladly take the application on the fifth anniversary," a spokesperson for the chamber told the LA Times.

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    And according to that spokesperson, Carrie taking over Donald Trump's spot is probably not gonna happen: “We don’t remove stars. The stars are part of the history of the Walk of Fame.”

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    Well, perhaps this fan summed it up best:

    @HamillHimself She deserves an entire galaxy of stars....💞💞