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14 Things That Celebrities Have Actually Done To Customer Service Employees That Are Truly Annoying

Throwing tantrums, asking for discounts, and the classic "Do you know who I am?" card.

Hi, friends. My name's Stephen LaConte, and last week I shared with you some of the pleasant celebrity encounters I had when I used to work in restaurants and shops around Los Angeles.

Of course, not ALL celebs were so kind and respectful, and I've gotten a bunch of requests for those stories. Well, I'm never gonna name any names...but I figure it can't hurt to give an inside look at what it's like to serve some of the more entitled and rude celebrities in Hollywood. Anonymously, of course!

So here are 14 things that the bad* celebrities do at restaurants and retail shops that make customer service workers cringe.

*Emphasis on bad. The good celebrities don't usually do this stuff.

1. They ask for discounts.

2. They pull the "Do you know who I am?" card.

3. They don't tip.

4. They refuse to speak to servers/cashiers directly and instead have their entourage speak for them.

5. They demand a better table because of who they are.

6. Or, even worse, they make a reservation under a fake name and then demand a better table when they get there.

7. They ask for free things in exchange for a social media post.

8. They get mad at employees when other customers are looking at them.

9. They ask to go into the kitchen.

10. They try to get a table when we're fully booked for the night.

11. They ignore the menu and order whatever the heck they want.

12. They get mad when their card declines.

13. They think they're more famous than they are.

14. And finally, I'll end this with something that always annoyed me but wasn't actually the celebrity's fault: They get things for free.

Alright, now it's YOUR turn. If you've had experience serving celebrities, share your pet peeves in the comments.