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This Comic Book Cover Contains A Secret Picture That Only 1 In 15 People Can See

Are you one of them?

The cover of a new comic book contains an image that 1 out of every 15 people can see.

Before Chrononauts illusion explained by @Sean_G_Murphy, what do you see in the middle of time-piece on left?

The comic is the first book in the new Chrononauts series, which was released last week.

Here's a hint: Look at the clock on the left side of the cover.

Are you stumped?

According to the comic's writer, Mark Millar, and artist Sean Murphy, most people just see a clock with a cracked screen. However, a lucky few can see a green hourglass inside the watch's face.

Only people who have a certain kind of color blindness can see it.

Murphy explained the phenomenon on Twitter.

Here's the #Chrononauts watch phenomenon somewhat explained. @mrmarkmillar

It's a semi-rare sporadic form of color-blindness due to abnormal wiring in occipital lobe... @mrmarkmillar

(2) ...It affects around 1 in 15 people and is a variant of synaesthesia which a university helped me develop the multiple color overlays...

(3)...What's interesting is the artistic brains--they're all right-brain dominant which means artists, musicians, writers more likely to...

(4)... see the hourglass than the clock face. @mrmarkmillar

Murphy added that the illusion was like "invisible ink," and that the CIA tried to use it to send messages during the Cold War.

"The good news is that if you see it, there's nothing wrong with you," he said.

Some users on Twitter said that they saw the hourglass.

.@mrmarkmillar I see a green hour glass with a purplish watch face.

@mrmarkmillar @Sean_G_Murphy Green hourglass!!! (Ish) do I win a prize?!! I hope it's an optical illusion or I'm having a little stroke.

However, Millar said that even he can't see it.

@greghemphill69 I feel like I'm back in 90s looking at those magic eye things and am only one who can't see it.