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28 Times "Made In Chelsea's" Mark Francis Was The Most Fabulous Man Alive

Spoiler alert: It's all the time, these are just 28 of those times.

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1. When he had a stronger selfie game than all your faves.

2. When he had never heard of Nandos.

3. When he couldn't deal.

4. When he detested a work-out selfie.

5. When he knew that there was a time and a place for a fabulous selfie.

6. When he dragged Paris Hilton.

7. When he spoke his truth.

9. When he coined the term "restorative glass of champagne".

10. When he couldn't make a decision simply because it was Monday.

11. When he gave this perfect advice.

12. When he spoke the truth about caviar.

13. When he declared that normality was not chic.

14. When he wasn't really into ice, unless vodka was involved.

15. When he was "working from home" and still slaying your faves.

16. When he perfected the art of the side-eye.

17. When he dropped this truth bomb.

18. When he laid down the law.

19. When he would not be touched.

20. When he was "not one for physical exercise".

21. When he shared his turn-offs and they included Top Shop.

22. When he declared sabotage "not chic".

23. When it really was this simple.

24. When he recognised the end of a friendship.

25. When a lack of flowers made him want to leave a party.

26. When he couldn't cope with Spencer's great jacket.

27. When he offered his followers this invaluable advice.