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    26 Questions We Have For Casino Workers

    Do people actually get peed on?

    1. How low are the odds, really?


    2. On average, how many people do you see cry per shift?


    3. How often do you get accused of rigging the game?


    4. What's the scariest experience you've ever had with a customer?


    5. When you have regular customers, do you like them? Do you feel sorry for them? Both?

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    6. Do you ever want to tell people to stop gambling?


    7. Have you ever advised someone to stop gambling?

    8. If so, did you get in trouble for it?


    9. Have you ever been peed on by a customer who refused to leave a table?


    10. Does that happen a lot? People getting peed on?

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    11. Do you like gambling?

    12. Do you travel to other casinos to gamble since you can't gamble at your workplace?


    13. What's the pay like?


    14. What's the worst part of your job?


    15. What's the best part of your job?


    16. What's the biggest amount you've seen someone win?


    17. What's the biggest amount you've seen someone lose?


    18. Do you get hit on all the time by customers who want you to stack the deck in their favour?


    19. What are the shifts like?

    20. What's the worst time of day to be working at a casino?

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    21. Is it hard to get holidays off when you're basically open every single day?

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    22. Do you have to wear nurse shoes because you're on your feet all day?


    23. Have you ever seen someone's partner turn up looking for them?


    24. What's the strangest thing you've seen at work?

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    25. Do you ever lose track of time without windows and clocks?

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    26. What's worse: A pack of rowdy, drunk bros, or one gambler who resents you because he's losing?

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