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    Mindy Kaling Talks About The Importance Of Female Friendships

    "The only thing I wanna do in the next five years is make a good, new, friend."

    Today Mindy Kaling and her BFF / former co-worker / future co-author and former (???????????) flame B.J. Novak took the stage at NYC's Book Con to talk about Mindy's upcoming book Why Not Me?

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    During the panel, Mindy discussed the importance of - and her desire for - close female friends.

    "In general, when you're in LA, the only people you meet are like, at your spin class, and you have to wonder - if a woman is going to seek you out at spin class what their motivations are, but if you're desperate for female friendship, as I am, that you're like 'okay, this isn't a weird situation!'"

    "It's hard when you're an adult woman, because for the most part, people are more focused on finding their romantic mate, but I've found in the past four years that I've wanted a female friend so much more. It's much harder to find someone that you like, wanna talk to, than it is to find a man you wanna sleep with."

    Comedy Central
    Comedy Central

    And it's not just Mindy Kaling who's looking for close female friends - her character Mindy Lahiri will also be looking for a BFF as the show heads into its fourth season on Hulu.

    "Nothing would make me happier than finding someone for [Mindy Lahiri to be friends with]: a great, and worthy, and funny person for me to sit across from and talk about my problems with. I think that it's important and I hope we can do it this season. The writers' room is starting up on Monday and this is basically what we'll be thinking about."


    And finally, when asked about her goals and dreams for the next five years, Mindy reiterated the importance of good friendships.

    "I did this thing at the end of my last book where I said, 'I'll see you soon, guys, and hopefully in the next book I'll be married, and be a movie star, and I'll have kids, and I'll have directed some cool movies, and I'll be rich as hell, living in a townhouse in Manhattan, it was just something like that and that's what I said I hoped for myself, and I was like 'fuck you, 2010 self!' Oh, and the last thing was that I would learn where my natural lip line is. Of the six things that I predicted for myself, I only did, like, one of the six things: I learned where my natural lip line is!!"

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    "That's so inherently the problem with my personality, and people who think of themselves as high-achieving; instead of being able to enjoy the fact that I have a pretty good amount of success I was like 'no, I need to have these other things within five years!', and all it did was make me feel like I had accomplished nothing. I sort of said to myself that I was not going to do that again. The only thing I wanna do in the next five years is make a new, good, friend. That's it."

    Really, there's only one thing left to say...


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