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31 Times "Blurred Lines" Model Emily Ratajkowski Was An Instagram Goddess

Heart-eyes emoji forever.

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1. When she got into glamorous gardening.

2. When she had a sensual Saturday morning.

3. When she was perfect in Paris.

4. When she knew that a good hair day was cause for a celebratory selfie.

5. When she was the literal definition of street style.

6. When she was all of us when visiting a scenic location.

7. When she showered with lavender like an actual Disney princess.

8. When she rocked a checkered two-piece.

9. When she was a spring goddess.

10. When she was pretty on this pier.

11. When she attempted to go incognito.

12. When she relaxed with a glass of red.

13. When she posted this moody phone portrait.

14. When she knew that soft, natural lighting was key for an A+ pic.

15. When she was doubly perfect while wearing a T-shirt of her own face.

16. When her holiday photos were literally everything.

17. When she shared this black-and-white bath snap.

18. When she shared the most flawless car selfie to ever be taken.

19. When she worked her angles.

20. When she gave Pharrell lessons in how to rock a hat.

21. When she marvelled at the scenery below.

22. When she was sultry with a sunflower.

23. When she perfected the art of breakfast in bed.

24. When she was ravishing in red.

25. When she peeked through this picture-perfect window.

26. When her hair was terrifically tousled.

27. When she dressed up as Mia from Pulp Fiction.

28. When she took a moment during her greenhouse getaway to look back.

29. When she was divine in this dramatic black number.

30. When she was flawless in neutral shades.

31. And when she wished everyone a happy Easter in the most creepy/sexy/confusing way possible.