16 Reasons "The Ref" Is Definitively The Best Christmas Movie Of All Time

    Take several seats, Home Alone, Die Hard, and Love, Actually, because The Ref is actually the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

    This is The Ref. It is the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

    1. Because Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey as the bickering Caroline and Lloyd Chasseur are hilarious.

    2. Because Denis Leary as the exasperated jewel thief Gus is actual perfection.

    3. Because Christine Baranski plays the snooty sister-in-law Connie flawlessly.

    4. ... Seriously. Connie = everything.

    5. Because Gus doesn't take any of Lloyd's shit.

    6. Because this is literally the greatest rant in history.

    7. Because instead of saccharine sweet clichés, Gus drops truth bombs like this.

    8. Because Gus says exactly what you wish you could say to the second cousin you only see at Christmas who talks non-stop about how her kid is "gifted."

    9. Because Connie is every mother who is not here for bored children.

    10. Because this is you and that one relative who hates you as much as you hate them.

    11. Because this is you when you're 500% done and you realise it's only 10am.

    12. Because Connie is your mother when your one 'eccentric' relative is on a roll.

    13. Because this is you when you just don't have any fucks left to give.

    14. Because this is you when you have to pretend like you love your gift...

    15. ... When on the inside you're like:

    16. And because shit hits the fan so spectacularly in The Ref that it will make you feel better about your own family drama.