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17 Times Bambi Northwood-Blyth Defined All Your Eyebrow Goals

This Aussie model is slaying the brow game.

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1. When they were basking in the summer sun.

2. When they were ready to celebrate over a long weekend.

3. When they were fierce and ferocious.

4. When they were combed perfection.

5. When they were having a blast with Alexandra Spencer.

6. When they looked like they belonged in a flawless Lana Del Rey video.

7. When they were the frame for her "devil eyes".

8. When they were at home with the squad.

9. When they were the definition of "effortless chic".

10. When they were glamorous despite the jetlag.

12. When they were ready to go.

13. When they were thoroughly glam rock.

14. When Bambi dyed her hair blonde but her brows were like "nah. We're good, thanks."

15. When they were cool for couture.

16. When they made "bed brows" a thing.

17. And when they were sleepy and still gave you brow envy.


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