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    30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Make Your Home Look Like An “After” Shot On HGTV

    Get the cameras ready for the big reveal.

    1. A stunning Moroccan-style rug that'll be your first-class ticket to transforming your living room into the chicest destination in the house.

    the rug in a living room with a grey couch and coffee table

    2. A round wooden coffee table with storage space to stow your laptop once you've finished work so you can get straight to relaxing. Place a homemade charcuterie plate on top and show off your gourmand side at the next book club with fresh Gouda, bacon-wrapped figs, and thin slices of prosciutto di Parma draped over sweet cantaloupe. Use the shelf below to store your downtime essentials for those cozy nights in, like an extra set of blankets, Kindle, or the latest NYT bestseller, so you can maximizing your living space while minimizing clutter.

    A beige living room featuring the coffee table with two round vases sitting on top of a book

    3. An overhead wall-mounted picture light made to showcase your masterpieces and *highlight* your superb curatorial skills. It's battery-operated (so no unseemly cords to hide). The warm overhead light lends undeniable sophistication and intimates a cultured refinement, elevating your space to a showroom.

    the overhead light illuminating an abstract painting hung over a beige couch

    4. A textured cotton wall hanging ideal for brightening up your living room with a modern, boho vibe. It also works for covering troublesome spots, like electrical panels, unsightly nail holes, or hard-to-reach wall smudges — like the remnants of the infamous pasta explosion of 2022. (We'll never tell, and thanks to this wall covering, no one else will be able to either.)

    5. A bathtub caddy for elevating your self-care routine to royalty status and indulging in a luxurious Cleopatra milk bath. The caddy features a slotted cup holder to support your glass of cabernet. A side shelf keeps your relaxation accessories on hand to vanquish your Sunday scaries. Prop up your tablet to watch your favorite holiday movie, or inhale the comforting scent of aromatic lavender candles while you read the latest inspirational biography and emerge revitalized.

    6. A stylish tufted storage ottoman that embodies the phrase "work smarter not harder." This ottoman is the Childish Gambino of furniture design: It can do it all and look incredible in the process. Featuring storage space and soft velvet, the cushion also has a wooden back that converts into a tabletop. Stash your fuzzy blankets, present mouth-watering hors d'oeuvres, create seating for a last-minute dinner guest, or prop your feet up while you sip on your morning coffee. Effortless clean-up and design 🤝 feet up.

    a reviewer photo of the gray ottoman in front of an armchair

    7. A wall-mounted electric fireplace perfect for generating some serious heat on your next date night. Hit play on your favorite sultry playlist, and cuddle with your S.O. under a soft chenille blanket, and watch the sparks fly.

    the lit fireplace mounted to a blue wall with an abstract painting above

    8. A breathtaking beaded chandelier that'll lend an earthy opulence to any room. Reviewers say this dupe of a Serena & Lily chandelier looks just as gorgeous as its designer equivalent at a fraction of its typically $2,000 price tag.

    9. A gilded end table ideal for those who wish to possess the timelessness and craftsmanship of an antique, but can't make it to the weekend estate sale. It's the perfect height for a soft reading light or movie-night snacks, and the warm tones of the aged gold finish add a glint of extravagance. Procure the aesthetic of this lavish table with no haggling required.

    The golden table with a lamp on top, sitting between two gray armchairs

    10. A gorgeous faux orchid that'll enchant your housemates with its alluring lifelike quality. The orchid is the flora equivalent of a Birkin when it comes to communicating a quiet luxury (or an open house), and this realistic faux lets you glean the elegance of this gracious, delicate flower while saving you the required (and notoriously fickle) plant care.

    the white orchid on a gray wooden table

    11. A tasteful light-up column shelf to transform your living room into a night at the museum. Show off cultural treasures of artistic value, like the oddly-shaped glazed pot from your two-month stint in a ceramics class. Unlike the artifacts on display at the Met, these are yours to showcase!

    the brown LED shelf with knickknacks on it

    12. A pair of velvet blackout curtains because investing in a good night's sleep shouldn't have to cost a lot. The thick velvet drapes provide thermal insulation, muffle sounds, and successfully block out natural light, allowing you to slumber peacefully. Reviewers say they look way more expensive than they are, and they love the quality craftsmanship and thickness of the material.

    13. A dazzling floor lamp with an extra high arch to turn heads (and accommodate taller guests). The golden lamp creates a striking impact while the slim design allows it to slide right into snug corners without visually overpowering the room. Let your favorite pieces, like your hand-woven macrame tapestry, emerald green velvet couch, or artfully assembled floating bookcase, shine alongside this statuesque fixture.

    the arched gold floor lamp between two green chairs, a table, and an orange tapestry of a woman with a braid

    14. A black-dipped seagrass basket that'll house quintessential must-haves, like cozy blankets and throw pillows, while looking almost criminally chic. The flexible body holds the shape without collapsing, but can be folded for clutter-free storage. I love using them to hide my winter scarves and keep them out of sight during the summer months.

    The basket with grass inside

    15. A lapis lazuli trivet because your magnificent shrimp paella shouldn't be the only showstopper in the room. The natural stone absorbs heat from those fresh-out-of-the-oven metal pots and shields the wood from the perspiration of cold beverages. The lapis lazuli's deep indigo hue makes this a striking kitchen accessory perfect for serving anything from mouth-watering braised brisket to herb-roasted acorn squash.

    the blue trivet

    16. A pretty, textured lumbar pillow that'll ~have your back~ during that extra long review meeting. The quiet splash of muted color adds a subtle playfulness and creates an uplifting mood in any space. Get some additional support for your work desk or bedroom ensemble with the help of this stylish accent pillow.

    Two of the pillows on matching brown leather chairs with an ottoman in the middle

    17. A replica of the "Veiled Maiden" for adorning your study space with a regal touch or crowning tabletops of holiday banquets. This masterful reproduction of Italian artist Raffaele Monti's exquisite sculpture features intricate detailing that's meant to be admired from every angle. The thoughtful construction of her delicate veiled facial features invoke a haunting beauty without the cost (and weight) of real marble.

    a bust of the veiled lady

    18. A luxurious, extra large round mirror that will give your bedroom, entryway, or bathroom a total home makeover in one simple step.

    a reviewer photo of the mirror above a bathroom vanity

    19. A hanging wine glass holder to match your legendary hosting skills to that of Jay Gatsby. The gilt holder serves as a dapper and functional bar accessory, saving space while keeping wine glasses readily accessible. The warm, gold tone infuses dimension to your home space as the geometric design generates visual interest and makes it suitable for a variety of cup shapes.

    Wine glasses hanging upside down from the holder

    20. A wicker storage trunk that'll help you finally achieve that boho farmhouse aesthetic no matter where you call home. The trunk doubles as a coffee table with covert storage space for seasonal accessories, perfect for those "cozy" apartments where every inch counts. (Hello, New York!)

    the storage trunk with a blanket hanging out of it

    21. A ferociously tasteful wingback side chair that'll make any drop-in guest feel like they've just checked into the Plaza Hotel. The classic design and soft, luxurious velvet makes this seating look like it was plucked from a hotel bar circa Frank Sinatra era, and works beautifully in a living room or home office.

    a reviewer photo of the orange chair with gold legs

    22. A sleek wall planter to house your plant children in style (they deserve the best life!). This ceramic planter provides a superb indoor dwelling for small succulents and air plants, while its modern aesthetic transforms your tiny greenhouse into eco-friendly decor. The planter can also function as a holder for pens and other writing materials, upscaling your work area while leaving all that precious desk space untouched.

    23. A cozy, two-tone blanket for an accent piece that feels as good as it looks. Throw it over the back of a tufted arm chair, or drape it over the top of your couch to add a sophisticated dimension. The woven blanket is machine washable, so you can fold it into your backpack for that long-awaited camping weekend in the mountains, or use it as a picnic blanket for local sojourns to the park.

    The blanket on a made bed with a tray with a book

    24. A full-length LED mirror to level up your selfie game with a ring light effect for your entire body. The mirror's soft lighting provides just the right illumination for applying makeup. A smart touch screen button allows you to increase or decrease brightness in a flash, ensuring your contouring looks pristine. The LED runs along the full length, so you can make sure those black pants are really black!

    the mirror

    25. A magnetic knife holder so you can find exactly the knife you're looking for right away. The sleek design of the extra strong magnet also saves you valuable counter space for meal prepping your weekday faves, like a Mediterranean bento box with beet hummus and sliced cucumber.

    The magnet against a red brick wall with six knives

    26. A tall ceramic floor vase that's perfect for holding relaxing eucalyptus leaves or lavender stalks. You shouldn't have to leave the house for a spa day — just infuse your bedroom with a zen-like tranquility via this beauty. The ridges channel the fluidity of water, adding visual texture to the striking decor. Curl up on the couch with some chamomile tea and decompress as you breathe in the calming display.

    27. A handsome outdoor table with a secret fire pit so your backyard game nights and after-hour get-togethers can continue smoldering way after the temperatures plummet. Serve a seasonal array of spiced maple bourbon cocktails or ginger Moscow Mules and gather around the fire to swap your juiciest camp stories with friends, or host a wholesome family game night with dominos and steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

    28. A library-inspired catalogue wood bin for keeping everything organized, because the Dewey Decimal System has nothing on you. Keep your desk workspace (and headspace) clutter-free, and store important letters, stationary, or annotated meeting notes all in one place. Use this rustic bin to stash — and quickly locate — TV remotes and charger cables, or keep your priceless handwritten family recipes safe.

    The wooden catalogue bin next to a letter opener

    29. A free-standing towel heater that'll make stepping out of the shower feel like a spa-quality VIP experience. The heater keeps towels toasty and functions as a drying rack for wet bathing suits and used beach towels, protecting damp fabrics against that dreaded mustiness. We'd give this resort stay a 5-star review.

    The towel heater

    30. A trendy and comfortable Acapulco chair perfect for effortlessly updating your garden, patio, deck, or balcony with a designer look and a cool, upscale vibe. Pair it with some quality outdoor speakers, your favorite spiked seltzer, and a space heater to lounge in style year-round.

    the red chair

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