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What Kind Of Co-Worker Are You?

Every workplace is diverse. Everyone wants to believe that they are the co-worker that everyone likes. In actuality, there are many different kinds of co-workers, ranging from the flirt to the dreaded know-it-all.

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  1. Ewww, never.
    Just once?
    Yes. Biggest mistake, ever.
    Yes, and we are still together.
    No. But I can name everyone who has!
    I know the company policy and would never break the rules.
  2. Sure. I am happy to help.
    Sure, but only if the person has potential to be "more" than just a co-worker.
    If you can't keep up, you should get a new job.
    They need to learn. I will teach them how to do it properly.
    Sure. It gives me a chance to work on getting the latest gossip.
    Nobody ever asks for my help.
  3. Awesome. I love hanging out with my co-workers.
    I don't leave my cubicle for anybody.
    Sure if it means bashing the boss and dishing some gossip.
    Are they single?
    Great. I plan every event so they are always super fun.
    Love it! I am super close with all of my co-workers.
  4. Sounds like fun.
    This is an opportunity to meet a new "friend with benefits."
    This is evidence there is a hell.
    I know the perfect place.
    Who is going?
    Who are these people?
  5. Find ways to be productive.
    Google pics of shirtless men or busty women.
    Job search.
    Review company policies and procedures.
    Eaves drop on co-workers.
    Keep to myself.

    Because my life is nobody's business.

  6. Decorating the office.
    Wearing a naughty Santa outfit.
    Avoiding Christmas cheer.
    Giving advice on baking, gifting, etc...
    Searching for your Secret Santa.

    Because knowledge is power.

    Avoiding co-workers and opting out of all work events.

What Kind Of Co-Worker Are You?

You got: The Optimist

At work, you are generally happy and get along well with your co-workers. The pessimists are always weary of your friendliness but they are bound to come around. You are helpful and courteous. You are awesome to work with and are a team player, but take it down a notch, you're making others look bad. Pet peeve = negativity.

The Optimist
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You got: The Flirt

Sure you do your job. But you pride yourself in being the hottest person in the office. Fake laugh, check! Hair flip, check! You have all the right moves and know how to use them. Although you should probably reserve those moves for outside the workplace. You have probably dodged a potential suitor or ex in the workplace, on at least one occasion. Pet peeve = relationships.

The Flirt
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You got: The Pessimist

You generally do not like going to work. You constantly job search and try to find something better but deep down you accept that any job you take will be worse than the job before. If complaining is the game, you are the master general. Overly happy/friendly people make you nauseous. You sometimes wonder how you get through the day surrounded by morons. Luckily your sarcastic comments are humorous and generally well received. Pet peeve = anybody happier than you.

The Pessimist
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You got: The Know-It-All

You know it all. Well actually you just think you do. You jump at the chance to prove someone wrong. Policies and procedures? You have them memorized to impress at moments notice. Your answers tend to be long-winded and after the first 5 minutes of listening to you, your co-workers start to experience symptoms such as twitching, eye rolling, and bitch face. Never noticed? That's because social cues have never been your thing. Pet peeve = being wrong.

The Know-It-All
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You got: The Nosey Neighbour

You like to think you are the "vault" of secrets but you spread more gossip than TMZ. When drama hits, your are the first to be a part of the action. Personal conversations? Are for outside work hours, anything overheard is fair game. Grab your popcorn and a comfy chair because, as usual, you have the best seat in the house. Pet peeve = secrecy.

The Nosey Neighbour
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You got: The Hermit

You keep to yourself. And probably for the best. People are generally scared when you speak, since you never do. Your cubicle is your sanctuary. Pet peeve = human contact.

The Hermit
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