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The Devastating World Of Coming In Fourth

For many athletes, the Olympics can be a world of loss and disappointment especially when they are just one spot shy of the medal stand. Check out 20 heartbreaking images of athletes who finished fourth at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

1. Matthew Centrowitz (US) - Men's 1,500m

2. Dai Greene (GB) - Men's 400m

3. Iryna Kindzerska (UA) - Women's Judo

4. Seth Kelsey (US) - Men's Individual Epee

5. Nicool Mornati and Lorenzo Carboncini (IT) - Men's Rowing Pair

6. Chuang Chih-Yuan (TW) - Men's Table Tennis Singles

7. Lawrence Clarke (GB) - Men's 110m Hurdles

8. Kasumi Ishikawa (JP) - Women's Singles Table Tennis

9. Khatuna Lorig (US) - Women's Individual Archery

10. Claudia Wurzel and Sara Bertolasi (IT) - Women's Rowing Pair

11. Richard Schuil (NL) - Men's Beach Volleyball

12. Tom Daley (GB) - Men's 10m Synchronized Diving

13. Aleksandr Balandin (RU) - Men's Individual Rings

14. Alexei Klimov (RU) - Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol

15. Rick van der Ven (NL) - Men's Individual Archery

16. LoLo Jones (US) - Women's 100m Hurdles

17. Kosuke Kitajima (JP) - Men's 200m Breaststroke

18. Tyson Gay (US) - Men's 100m

19. Travis Stevens (US) - Men's Judo

20. Sin A Lam (KR) - Women's Individual Epee