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    Jenny McCarthy Revisits The '90s

    The actress sat down with BuzzFeed to talk about Singled Out, Scream, and her new show.

    What is your favorite memory from Singled Out?

    My favorite memory is when I had to put a toilet seat head over a kid that just got dumped. We were doing this thing where we introduced "You Got Dumped" and they had to sit with a toilet seat head. Well one kid was not having it, and his ego went crazy and wouldn't let me stick the toilet bowl on his head. And you know my personality, I was going to put the fucking toilet bowl seat on his head. So I kept batting away his hand and went "clunk" over his head. He got up to attack me and it was awesome. I finally had a contestant retaliate. Of course they picked him up and threw him out. Ever since then I had eight body guards standing next to the stage ready to jump in like a Jerry Springer show.

    Was there ever a contestant you wanted to date?

    Never. We did four shows a day. And each show we had 50 boys. There was never one that struck my interest. I can't tell you how many people I've met that said, "I was a contestant on your show." I even dated a guy once that was a contestant on the show. Years later, well he made it six hours.

    How crazy was the MTV Spring Break?

    The night before our first show I lit my hotel room on fire. By accident. My boyfriend at the time had the stomach flu and I was like, "I am taping my very first show ever of possibly making it in this business. You've got to not wake me up." So I lit a little candle and stuck it on my hot rollers and said, "Blow it out before you go to bed." He didn't, and I woke up to the entire ceiling in flames. So I reached in the bed for my boyfriend. He picked me up and we ran through flames to get out of the room.

    MTV was like "Can you not film?" And I was like, "Fuck that, let's do it!"

    Did you give Carmen any advice before she took over as host?

    Carmen did such a good job of filling the obnoxious cheerleader role I left behind. She's so cute and pretty to look at. I just said, "Talk loud. When you project, you sound confident." And she took that and went with it.

    Do you have any plans to bring Carmen or Chris on to your show?

    Yes, they know they are welcome. They have offers out to them saying please come. I'd love to do a reunion show. I've been asking MTV for four of five years now.

    Did you ever think you'd be a part of the Scream franchise?

    I'd hope [to be a part of it] cause it was kind of like the Breakfast Club back then. I was excited and then I got Scary Movie 3. So I was kind of spoofing myself…but that's pretty much been my career of doing stuff like that.

    Which movie is scarier?

    I think Scary Movie 3 just because of Pamela Anderson's real-life tits.

    There's not much female potty humor on the big screen. Is that why you made Dirty Love?

    Dirty Love was 10 years before its time. I knew I wanted to do an outrageous comedy that no actors in Hollywood would ever do, and I knew that no studio would read the script and say, "Go ahead and make it." So we got some independent financiers and made that movie in three weeks. I wrote every word myself and came up with those twisted ideas. But it did exactly what I wanted to do.

    Was it scary to play a mother in John Tucker Must Die?

    Very. I thought to myself, "Oh no, am I doing something dangerous here playing a mom so young." But then I realized that there are women that had children when they were 15 or 16 and that's how it would have worked out. I was really happy how it came out. People saw me in a different light.

    Has anyone approached you about playing Jenna Maroney's nemesis on 30 Rock?

    No! But she's mentioned me several times and I'm always like, "Why don't they have me go? It'd be awesome."

    Do you think you could have taken Jenna in a fight?

    I think I can take most people.

    Rolling Stone

    Of the three, which was your favorite photo shoot: Playboy, Rolling Stone (above), or Candies?

    I would have to say Rolling Stone. It was my very first cover. I was only one season into Singled Out when I got a phone call from a publicist. She asked to be my publicist, but I was only making $300 an episode. Within one week she called me and said, "Rolling Stone wants you on the cover." I thought to myself, Does anyone even read rocker magazines? — not realizing the impact of Rolling Stone. I thought they captured the essence of the character. And it just blew up from there. And I always look back on Rolling Stone and say, "Thank you, rocker magazine."

    Marry/Fuck/Kill: Chris Hardwick, Jesse Camp, Carson Daly.

    I would kill Jesse, marry Chris, and fuck what's his name? Carson.

    Jesse! I can't believe you brought him up. What is he doing? I just remember him smelling so bad. I had to stand next to him and was like, "Has anyone told him to shower?" And people were like, "We think he's homeless."

    Who was your favorite MTV VJ?

    After working with all of them, Lisa Kennedy probably cracked me up the most. We were so yin and yang but still like best friends. And I also really liked Bill Bellamy.

    What was the worst fashion trend of the '90s?

    Vinyl colored pants. Those were the ones I loved in the '90s, but they were just awful.

    What was your favorite MTV show?

    Besides Singled Out, Daria.

    What was your favorite music video of the '90s?

    "Ray Of Light" by Madonna.

    Can you tell us about The Jenny McCarthy Show?

    One of the things I wanted to do was bring some of the sexy party scene into it. So I took a little bit of a borrow from Playboy After Dark, which was Hugh Hefner's show back in the day of this penthouse party with a DJ and bartender. Literally, [the show] is like having some friends over, mingling about, and playing party games. I've got go-go dancers.

    Andy Cohen said that you were the one woman who could make him straight.

    The best compliment ever.

    What is the one move you would do to turn him?

    I'd for sure choke on his cock.

    The Jenny McCarthy Show premieres Friday, Feb. 8, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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