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Aug 17, 2012

15 More Reasons To Watch "Bob's Burgers"

The writers of the show shared some exclusive scoops on more guest stars stopping by Bob's restaurant. Note: These were not previously announced until now.

1. Ben Schwartz


Jean-Ralphio will appear in multiple episodes as a new love interest for Tina.

2. Matt Besser


The founder of Uprights Citizen Brigade will play an amateur kite pilot.

3. Jenny Slate

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

The SNL alum will reprise her role as Tina's farting friend, Tammy, in multiple episodes.

4. Tim Meadows

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

The comedian will play Mike the Mailman in a recurring role.

5. Tom Lennon

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

Reno 911's favorite cop will reprise his role as TV Host Chuck.

6. Samantha Bee

And if Chuck's coming back that means The Daily Show correspondent will return as his co-host Pam.

7. Rob Huebel

Danny Moloshok / AP

The funny man will return to the show.

8. Sarah and Laura Silverman

The sisters will also be stopping by.

9. Andy Kindler

The stand-up comedian and voice actor will return as Mort the mortician.

10. Bill Hader

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Hader (the only reason to watch the new season of SNL) is coming back as Mickey.

11. Doug Benson

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

The comedian will be on the show in a character not to be described because it would cause major spoilers for the show.

12. Sam Seder

The radio talk show host will be returning as Hugo and several other bit characters.

13. Neil Flynn

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Scrubs' trusty janitor will be play a mysterious man named Mike Flush.

14. Jack McBrayer

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

When he's not busy hanging out with Alexander Skarsgard, McBrayer will return to the show as Zeke's older cousin Leslie.

15. Bobby Tisdale

Via Flickr: 92ytribeca

The comedian will reprise his role as Zeke and is expected to be on the show a lot this season.

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