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    32 Really Frustrating Things In Life

    Sometimes life is very annoying. Ugh!

    1. When people say "BRB" and don't come back

    2. Movie and TV spoilers on Tumblr

    3. When your online dating profile match is your ex

    4. Learning your new Twitter follower is spam

    5. Kony 2012

    6. Facebook quizzes

    7. Facebook's privacy settings

    8. Slow Internet connections

    9. Madonna's cover of American Pie

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    10. Watching Glee

    11. Punctuation in singers' names

    12. When people spell your name wrong

    13. Misuse of there, their, and they're

    14. And your, you're

    15. Every One Millon Moms protest

    16. Meetings about meetings

    17. Airport security lines

    18. Airline baggage fees

    19. "Cash only" establishments

    20. When the nearest ATM is out of order

    21. Last call

    22. Dropped calls

    23. Stepping on gum

    24. Crocs

    25. Spilling food on a brand new shirt

    26. Kristen Stewart's "smile"

    27. Support for Chris Brown

    28. Paris Hilton's singing career

    29. Zooey Deschanel's iPhone commercial

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    30. Janice on Friends

    31. Lost's unanswered questions

    32. M. Night Shyamalan movies