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25 Times Frank Ocean Stole The Grammys

It was his night. (Also, watch his performance of "Forrest Gump.")

1. When he gave the camera Blue Steel.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

2. When he blinked on the red carpet.

FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images

3. When he licked his lips.

4. When he pretended to be grumpy with Tyler, The Creator.

5. When they continued to act silly in the audience.

6. When he mugged for the camera.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

7. He wasn't phased by Chris Brown's insult.

(Besides, Adele threw him all the shade.)

8. And Kathy Griffin was "on it."

9. When he accepted his first award and didn't want to picture us naked.

10. When he thanked his mother before anyone else.

11. When his mom teared up in the crowd.

12. And Tyler, The Creator had a little fun.

13. And looked sublimely happy standing next to Nas.

Kevin Mazu / Getty Images

14. When he was caught admiring his Grammy award.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

15. When he was humbled to speak before Jay-Z during his next acceptance speech.

16. And immediately thanked his brother.

17. When Jay-Z watched like a proud father.

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters

18. When Pharrell Williams (and everyone) was excited to see him.

19. And he was excited to see Adele.

20. Oh hey John Legend!

21. When he jammed out during the Bob Marley tribute.

22. When he performed "Forrest Gump."

23. And channeled the Tenenbaums.

24. When he whistled.

25. And knocked it out with a beautiful set.

Watch it again!

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