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29 Sexy Men Who Proved The '50s Was The Time To Be Alive

Don't believe us? See for yourself.

1. How about James Dean's dreamy misunderstood look?

2. Or Sal Mineo lookin' insanely stylish in this checkered shirt?

3. Gene Kelly really brought sexy back with those iconic dance moves.

4. And Jimmy Stewart could entice anyone with that smirk.

5. What about Ricardo Montalban, who made you fall in love again?

6. And if he didn't, Gregory Peck sure did.

7. Here's Rock Hudson casually trying to hide his A+ biceps.

8. And Clark Gable frankly not giving a damn about how hot his mustache is.

9. Perhaps you'd want to hang out with Toshirô Mifune as a sexy samurai?

10. Or marvel at how well Fernando Lamas pulls off those short shorts.

11. Bet you'd like to walk along the beach with Paul Newman.

12. And get lost in Marlon Brando's gorgeous eyes.

13. Let's take a moment to remember Dean Martin's perfect existence.

14. And his equally charming BFF Jerry Lewis.

15. Still unconvinced? What about Desi Arnaz gently caressing this tie?

16. Or Cary Grant, who only got better with age?

17. Would you like to have a romantic dinner with Sidney Poitier and his precious smile?

18. Or find a place in the sun with suave Montgomery Clift and his studly suit?

19. Bet you want to play with James Shigeta's perfect hair.

20. Or simply get lost in Yul Brynner's abs?

21. Still nothing? What about Frank Sinatra's unbelievably handsome smile?

22. Or the twinkle in Bing Crosby's eyes?

23. And let's not forget about Nat King Cole's entire angelic existence.

24. Bobby Darin could easily be your dream lover.

25. And Harry Belafonte could take you to an island in the sun.

26. Every adorable member of The Teenagers would easily find their way into your heart.

27. Miles Davis would gladly serenade you with jazz.

28. Chuck Berry would stimulate you with rock 'n roll.

29. And come on, Elvis is just simply fine AF in literally every sense of the word.