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    Hindi Speakers Tried Understanding Trump's Hindi Message And Really Truly Failed

    "With my orange face, I will rule the world."

    Donald Trump tried to woo Indian-American voters by telling them that he "loves the Hindus" and airing this campaign ad wherein he says "Abki baar, Trump sarkaar". It means “This time a Trump government.”

    Trump's message is a variation of Narendra Modi's campaign slogan from two years ago - "Ab ki baar, Modi sarkaar."

    On his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the talk show host went out on the streets of America to find Hindi-speaking people and play Trump's message to them and get their honest reactions to it.

    While some found Trump's accent hilarious...

    Some couldn't make head or tails of what they heard.

    Some just refused to accept his message as something spoken in the Hindi language.

    And this dude in particular, didn't mince his words when asked if he'd vote for Trump.

    This guy translated Trump’s message most accurately.

    Facebook: JimmyKimmelLive

    "Santare ki shakal" is my new favourite epithet for Trump.

    You can watch the hilarity unravel on Jimmy Kimmel's show here:

    Facebook: video.php

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