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What's The Worst Decision Anyone Has Ever Made In A Movie?

Shaking. My. Head.

I tried watching The Witches for the first time the other day, and something really, really bothered me...

Anjelica Huston taking off her mask and revealing she's a witch

I truly could not get over that random woman who decided to take a nap on the side of a cliff, leaving her unattended baby in the stroller...which was pointed DIRECTLY AT THE EDGE.

A woman takes a nap on a cliffside while her baby's stroller rolls down the hill

So that got me thinking: What are some of the stupidest, dumbest decisions you've ever seen someone make in a movie?

Rose spotting a boat at the end of "Titanic"

The obvious might be something from a horror movie, like when the kids in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre decided to pick up a random, bloody hitchhiker who pulled out a knife.

Everyone talking to the hitchhiker they picked up in the car

Maybe you're still annoyed by something more specific, like when Peter Quill decided to be an absolute idiot in Avengers: Infinity War and ruined everyone's chances of retrieving the Infinity Stones from Thanos.

Everyone trying to steal the Gauntlet and Infinity Stones from Thanos

Or perhaps it's something else, like in Home Alone 2 when Kevin decided to stop in the middle of the airport so he could change the batteries on his tape recorder, and then he got separated from his family.

Kevin getting lost in the airport in "Home Alone 2"

Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Use the comments below to tell us the absolute dumbest thing a movie character has ever done.

Jake Gyllenhaal's character going in the basement in search of the Zodiac Killer

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!