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What's The Craziest Celebrity Fact You've Ever Heard?

Did you know that Joaquin Phoenix grew up in a cult?

Learning new things can be fun, but every once in a while you may learn a fact about a celebrity that truly blows your mind.

For instance, maybe you were shocked to learn that Bill Murray was arrested in 1970 for trying to smuggle almost nine pounds of marijuana through an airport in Chicago.

Maybe you pride yourself in knowing that both Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks are both natural blondes, ~not~ redheads.

Perhaps your jaw dropped when you learned that River and Joaquin Phoenix, along with their siblings, grew up in a cult.

Or perhaps you know that Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii and named after a baby elephant from the Honolulu Zoo.

Celebrity facts can truly be wild, so tell us the most jaw-dropping, useless, or bizarre celebrity fact you know via the DropBox below. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!