These ’90s Food Questions Will Tell Us When You’re Going To Die


1. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite ’90s foods. It’s time to see which ones will literally be the death of you. Sorry.

    1. Bugles
    2. Cosmic Brownies
    3. Via Topps
      Ring Pop
    1. Gushers
    2. Dunkaroos
    3. Via Betty Crocker / Walmart
      Fruit String Thing
    1. Potato Smiles
    2. SpaghettiOs
    1. Via Oscar Mayer
      Pizza Lunchables
    2. Purple Ketchup
    1. Via Walmart / Squeezit
    2. Surge
    3. Crystal Pepsi
    1. Hi-C
    2. Via Sunny Delight Beverages
    3. Cafeteria Milk
    1. Via General Mills
      Cocoa Puffs
    2. Via General Mills
      Cookie Crisp
    1. Via General Mills
      French Toast Crunch
    2. Via Kellogg's
      Apple Jacks
    1. Double Bubble
    2. Bubble Tape
    3. Fruit Stripe
    1. Ouch!
    2. Bubblicious
    3. Big Red

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