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26 Unexpectedly Sad Movie Moments You Probably Never Saw Coming

I'm still not over Tony Stark's death, tbh.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the saddest movie moments they never saw coming. Here are the emotional results. 🚨 SPOILERS AHEAD, PEOPLE 🚨

Note: Some submissions include examples of suicide.

1. In Avengers: Endgame, when Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save everyone, and Peter and Pepper said their goodbyes.


2. In Love Actually, when Karen realized her husband was cheating on her, so she excused herself, cried for two minutes, and then had to pull herself together for her children.

Universal Pictures

3. In A Star Is Born, when Ally's manager convinced Jackson that he was holding back her career, so he killed himself.

4. In Jojo Rabbit, when Jojo was chasing a butterfly and suddenly discovered that his mother was hanged in the town square, and he tried to tie her shoe but couldn't.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

5. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, when Donna's spirit appeared at Donny’s christening, letting Sophie know she'd always be there for her.

Universal Pictures

6. In 1917, when Tom Blake saved the German pilot from a burning plane, and the pilot unexpectedly stabbed him, ultimately killing him.

Universal Pictures

7. In Coco, when Miguel sang "Remember Me" to Coco, and she started singing along and remembered who her father was.


8. In A Quiet Place, when John Krasinski's character told his daughter that he had always loved her, right before sacrificing himself to the monsters.

Paramount Pictures

9. In What to Expect When You're Expecting, when Rosie had a miscarriage in the middle of the night.


10. In I Am Legend, when Will Smith's character had to kill his dog – his only living friend in the entire world – after it got infected.

Warner Bros. Pictures

—Darrian Richards, Facebook

11. In La La Land, when the dreamy montage showed Mia and Sebastian living happily ever after, but then it cut back to reality, and Mia was with a different guy.

Summit Entertainment

12. In Million Dollar Baby, when Maggie was sucker-punched and broke her neck on the stool, leaving her a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic.

Warner Bros. Pictures

13. In Up, when Carl and Ellie's love story unfolded, and Ellie suffered a miscarriage immediately after decorating the new nursery.


14. In One Day, when Emma was casually riding her bike and randomly got hit by a truck, which instantly killed her.

Focus Features

15. In About Time, when time ran out and Tim had to say his final goodbye to his father, so he did it by letting him win at pingpong.

Universal Pictures

16. In The Sixth Sense, when Cole revealed that his grandma visited him, and she saw his mom dance in the recital.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution


17. In Avengers: Endgame, when Hawkeye and Black Widow both tried to sacrifice themselves for the Soul Stone, and Black Widow ended up dying.


18. In The Best Man Holiday, when Lance had to say goodbye to his wife, Mia.

Universal Pictures

19. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, when Merlin sacrificed himself and stepped on the land mine so Eggsy and Harry could defeat Poppy and save the world.

20th Century Fox

20. In My Girl, when Thomas J. had an allergic reaction and died from the bee stings, and Vada couldn't handle it at his funeral.

Columbia Pictures


21. In Seven Pounds, when the flashback revealed that Ben had killed seven people while texting and driving, and he ultimately killed himself so his organs could be donated.

Sony Pictures Releasing

22. In Inside Out, when Bing Bong sacrificed himself so Joy could save Riley.



23. In Bridge to Terabithia, when Jess found out that Leslie drowned in the creek because the rope swing broke.

Walt Disney Pictures

24. In Atonement, when Briony revealed that Robbie and Cecilia died and never got to live happily ever after.

Focus Features

25. In Parasite, when Ki-Jung was attacked and murdered in front of her family at the birthday party.

Barunson EA

26. And in Click, when Michael realized that he abandoned his entire family for years, and then he collapsed in the rain and said his final goodbyes to everyone before dying.

Columbia Pictures

—Mike James, Facebook

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