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The 23 Most Iconic Professor Snape Moments In "Harry Potter"

In memory of Alan Rickman, who died on Thursday at the age of 69.

To honor Alan Rickman, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite Professor Snape moments. Here are the memorable results.

1. When he iconically asked the class to turn to page 394.

2. When Umbridge questioned Snape about his failure to be appointed as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

3. When he was tired of Hermione and took five points from Gryffindor.

4. When he revealed this nugget of truth to Harry.

5. When he asks Harry to tell the difference between an Inferius and a ghost.

6. When he gave the sassiest shrug in the whole wide world.

7. When Snape finds Lupin wandering around and asks "Well, well. Out for a little the moonlight, are we?"

8. Every single time he would whack Ron or Harry on the head.

9. (And there were so, so many.)

10. (Seriously!)

11. When Snape hesitates to raise his wand against Professor McGonagall and you can physically see the heartbreak in his face.

12. And when he deflects McGonagall's attack and uses it against Alecto and Amycus.

13. "Ensnaaaaare the senses!"

14. When he confronts Harry and Ron about the flying car.

15. When he took 37 pauses to say "Our…new…ce-le-brity.”

16. When Snape revealed his Patronus to be a doe, just like Lily's.

17. When he accuses Harry of stealing from him.

18. When Snape shields the kids after Lupin transforms into a werewolf.

19. When Snape sees a little bit of Lily in Harry.

20. When Snape urges Harry to take his tear to put in the Pensieve.

21. Literally the entire flashback when Harry learns about Snape's love for his mother.

22. When Harry reveals exactly what Snape meant to him.

23. And, of course, always.