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    14 Places You Have To Poop At Before You Die

    A look at the world's coolest restrooms.

    1. The One-Way Outhouse

    This is the outside of the bathroom. Seems harmless, right?

    But this is the inside of the bathroom, a boxed view of your entire surroundings. This diabolical toilet was created by London artist Monica Bonvicini.

    2. The $29 Million Dollar Toilet


    This solid gold toilet was created by the Hang Fu­ng Gold Technology Group and is located in Hong Kong. Plastic shoe covers are required to be worn at all times while in the restroom, so as not to scuff the floor's 900-gram gold medal bars.

    3. The Bottomless Bathroom

    London Media Press / Via

    Mexico is home to the world's scariest bathroom, which happens to be located on the top of a 15-story elevator shaft. You may literally find yourself scared shitless if you visit.

    4. The Retractable Toilet

    The Dutch company Urilift has created public restrooms which magically appear after-dark, so as to keep the area more picture-friendly during the day. Each retractable toilet contains multiple urinals that are equipped with lights, allowing for optimal usage when in session.

    5. The Urine-Controlled Video Game / Via

    Ever think "man, I'm so bored" while you pee? Me neither. But that hasn't stopped Japan and the UK from creating urine-controlled video games, which are strategically placed in bars: "Apparently sales of Corona beer increased 47 per cent once the special urinals and wall-mounted displays were installed." Let's just hope there's not a two-player option.

    6. The Underwater Bathroom

    This woman's restroom is encompassed by an underwater aquarium, located in Akashi, Japan. This is one of the most expensive toilets in the world, costing roughly $270,000.

    7. The Waterfall Bathroom

    Make your own log flume at The Madonna Inn, a hotel that flushes with a waterfall.

    8. The Eco-Friendly Bathroom

    Everything in this Milwaukee restroom is 100% environmentally friendly: "the bathrooms use 100% rainwater to flush its low-flow toilets... Electricity for lights and pumps is solar powered, toilet paper and towels are made from 100% recyclable materials, soaps and cleaners are biodegradable, the paint on the walls is from organic compounds, and the urinals don't flush."

    9. The Self-Cleaning Restroom

    The Sanisette is a self-cleaning public restroom, first pioneered in Paris. After a patron exits the restroom, "a wash cycle begins inside the toilet, and the toilet fixture itself is scrubbed and disinfected automatically." The washing process takes 60 seconds.

    10. The Vertical Bathroom / Via

    Have a small bathroom? No problem! Poop in style with The Vertebrae, a fully-equipped restroom of the future: "Award-winning designer Paul Hernon improvised The Vertebrae considering the space-conscious householders who struggle to fit a traditional shower, sink and toilet into their bathroom space."

    11. The Egg Toilet

    These Space Age egg-pods can be found in London's "sketch", which was ranked the 18th best restaurant in the world in 2005.

    12. The Timed Toilet / Via

    WARNING: Use at your own risk. These New York public restrooms are automatically unlocked and opened after 15 minutes. There is also a weight limit for each restroom, so as to prevent small children from getting trapped inside and scandalous activity from potential partygoers or those who are a bit more adventurous. Can you beat the clock?

    13. The Ski-Jump Toilet

    Japan's Madarao-Kogen hotel is home to the simulated ski-jump toilet, offering maximum comfort without the harshness of winter: "The cubicles were fully wrapped on all sides, so that the person caught short would have a ski jumper’s view when they were sitting on the loo."

    14. The Space Bathroom / Via NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA-MSFC)

    This out-of-this-world restroom is fully equipped with leg and arm restraints while in use, to ensure total accuracy. Also, "the toilet uses flowing air instead of water to flush the toilet. The air pulls the waste away from the astronaut's body and flushes it away."

    And that's the scoop on where to poop