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    17 Shocking And Freaky Photos Of What The World Will Look Like In The Year 2123, According To AI

    If you think about it, the year 2123 isn't THAT far away.

    1. This is what AI technology thinks a futuristic McDonald's will look like:

    A futuristic-looking McDonald's that's two stories tall

    2. And cellphones will somehow look really futuristic but also exactly like they do now, only see-through:

    Someone holding a see-through phone

    3. This is what the inside of airplanes will look like, and hopefully getting through security won't take as long:

    A futuristic plane from the inside, looking spacious and luxurious

    4. Men's fashion will look something kinda like this (there's a lot of silver, but those sunglasses are actually really cool):

    A man in a silver jacket

    5. But women's fashion will look even better, almost as if Cinna from The Hunger Games was designing everything to be as cool and sleek as possible:

    A woman in a stylish dress

    6. Refrigerators will have a bunch of extra compartments and hold everything you could ever need:

    A fridge with compartments that open from the front and sides

    7. This is what a toilet in an everyday home will look like:

    A futuristic, clean, and sleek toilet

    8. This is what public transportation in big cities will look like:

    A big city with futuristic trains riding through it

    9. And here's the average sofa in someone's apartment, which doesn't look that comfortable, if I'm being honest:

    A giant, sleek couch with no cushions

    10. This is where people will be dining whenever they go to a restaurant for a casual meal:

    The inside of a restaurant from the future with tables

    11. This is what a Nintendo gaming console will look like in 100 years:

    A futuristic controller with a screen on it

    12. Here's what bicycles will look like, which gives me huge Tron vibes:

    A futuristic bike with light-up wheels

    13. Tablets and iPads will have 3D projection abilities, which is actually so awesome:

    A tablet with a 3D image coming out of it

    14. Here's what the typical classroom will apparently look like for high school students, so I guess funding hasn't been cut entirely:

    A futuristic classroom with cool technology at every seat

    15. Cars will look really freaking cool (and probably cost a lottttttt of money):

    A futuristic car that looks super sleek and curved

    16. Televisions will be partly see-through for some reason:

    An apartment with a giant TV next to the window

    17. And finally, this is what New York City will look like in the year 2123, with the Empire State Building in the background and flying pods overhead:

    The New York City landscape with futuristic blimps flying around