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32 People Who Had A Way Worse Summer Than You


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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pics of their worst sunburns ever. Here are the hilarious and cringeworthy results.


5. This swollen face, thanks to some sun poisoning:

"I was taking medication that made me extra sensitive to the sun, and I actually got sun poisoning. My face swelled up like a balloon. Fairest of them all?"



11. This person who literally couldn't walk for a few weeks:

"Went to the Bahamas and wore SPF 50. Was only in the sun for an hour. I found out at the hospital that I'm hyper-photo-sensitive. The doctors thought I had been stung by a stingray, but it was just a bad burn. I was unable to walk for three weeks due to the swelling from my knees down."



13. This unlucky person and her really nice friend:

"I learned two lessons that day:

1. Never go outside

2. Nothing is as valuable as a friend who will spend an hour of their time rubbing aloe leaves on your ass."



17. This, holy crap:

"My entire chest was covered in blisters before this photo was taken. I wasn't outside for that long and had applied sunscreen more than once. My legs were about the same shade."



29. This woman who did NOT use a red marker to color her arm:

"My vacation to Cuba this year. Managed not to burn until the last day, and on the flight home I developed heatstroke from it. It took weeks to get rid of all the symptoms. ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR SKIN!"


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