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26 Shocking "Old Hollywood" Facts That'll Change How You See Your Favorite Actors And Movies

"Marlon Brando slayed me good. He was one of the most sexual men on earth." —Rita Moreno

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite facts about Old Hollywood celebs and movies. Here are the fascinating results.

1. If a child actor ever misbehaved on set, they were occasionally sent to "the black box" and were forced to sit on a block of ice as punishment.

2. Robert Redford really wanted to play the lead in The Graduate, but director Mike Nichols insisted he could never play the part because the main character was "a loser" and no one would believe Redford was a loser.

3. Lucille Ball auditioned to play Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind.

4. Rita Moreno had an on-and-off eight-year love affair with Marlon Brando. She even dated Elvis Presley because she wanted to make Brando jealous.

5. While filming on location for The African Queen, everyone on the set (including Katharine Hepburn) got dysentery from drinking contaminated water...

6. ...well, everyone except Humphrey Bogart and director John Huston, simply because they drank nothing but scotch on set.

7. Angela Lansbury moved her entire family to Ireland after her daughter became involved with the Manson family and her son got addicted to drugs.

8. In The Wizard of Oz, the "snowstorm" that took place was actually asbestos.

9. Using asbestos on production sets was actually really popular back in the day, and Steve McQueen believed it contributed to his death.

10. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda took acting classes together.

11. Ralph Nelson, the producer-director for Lilies of the Field, had to use his house as collateral in order to get the movie made.

12. Additionally, Sidney Poitier gave up his usual salary in exchange for a percentage of the movie's profits in order to make Lilies of the Field.

13. Debbie Reynolds enlisted the help of Cary Grant after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, started doing LSD.

14. Years after filming The Conquerer, most of the cast and crew developed some type of cancer, presumably because the movie was filmed extremely close to nuclear testing grounds.

15. Lana Turner's abusive boyfriend was stabbed to death by her 14-year-old daughter, Cheryl Crane.

16. Bette Davis once kicked Joan Crawford so hard during a scene in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? that she needed stitches.

17. And Joan Crawford retaliated by putting weights in her own pockets before shooting a scene where Davis had to carry the character's near-lifeless body, causing Davis to strain her back.

18. In the end, Davis had the final blow. A reporter wanted a quote from her about Crawford's recent death, and Davis nastily responded: "You should never say bad things about the dead, only good… Joan Crawford is dead. Good."

19. Betty White is older than sliced bread.

20. Shirley Temple was such a talented child actor that there was a rumor she was actually a dwarf, so the Vatican literally sent someone to investigate.

21. A few years later, Shirley Temple was promised the role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but the deal ultimately fell through.

22. Julie Andrews was actually flung into the mud every single time the helicopter passed her while filming that iconic hilltop scene in The Sound of Music.

23. Silent film star Harold Lloyd was doing a publicity shoot for Haunted Spooks when a prop bomb (which turned out to be a ~real~ bomb) went off, instantly removing his thumb and index finger.

24. Harold Russell, a nonprofessional actor who lost both hands in World War II, was the first and only person to win two Oscars for the same performance.

25. Harold Russell was also the first and only person to legally sell his Oscar at an auction.

26. And Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney were consistently forced to take "pep pills" and sleeping pills so they could work three days straight and then crash for a few hours before filming more scenes.