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29 "The Office" Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

That's what she said.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite moments from The Office. Here are the hilarious results.

1. When Dwight revealed all of our inner thoughts.

2. When Michael ~sort of~ declared bankruptcy.

3. When it was apparent that Michael learned NOTHING from Diversity Day.

4. When Creed revealed his hidden past.

5. When Dwight tried to steal Michael's infamous catchphrase.

6. When Michael called Dwight an ignorant slut.

7. When Michael admitted to not being 100%...stitious.

8. When Toby was just being Toby.

9. Soup snakes.

10. When Dwight wondered if king-size sheets are called presidential-size in England.

11. When there was a Harry Potter + The Office mash-up.

12. When Andy compared Michael to Ali Larter.

13. When you personally identified with Michael Scott.

14. When they gave us the perfect answer to "Would you rather be feared or loved?"

15. When Michael escaped to the wild in hopes of finding himself.

16. When Jim pretended to be Dwight...

17. ...and then Dwight got SUPER defensive.

18. When Michael puked after loading up on carbs for the 5k fun-run.

Michael throwing up in the middle of his 5k

19. When Angela was the ultimate saboteur.

Angela watching as Andy floats away in the lake, wearing a sumo costume

20. When no one had a good time at Michael and Jan's dinner party.

Jan, Michael, and Angela playing charades on the couch

21. When Michael revealed his only flaws.

22. When the tables sort of turned.

-Submitted by mrscombs913

23. Toby again. =/

24. When Dwight wanted to pull the plug on Meredith.

25. When Creed revealed that he had a worm guy.

26. When Pam knew too much for her own good.

27. When Stanley the Manly scared the crap out of everyone.

28. When Christmas was ruined.

29. And when Michael saw Inception.

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