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    23 Of The Most Dad Things To Ever Happen

    "Hi, Hungry! I'm dad."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most dad thing their dad has ever done. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When this Christmas lover got a little too intimate.


    Submitted by jackid3.

    2. When this dad knew exactly how to embarrass his child.


    Submitted by Elise Haverstick (Facebook).

    3. When this dad didn't take crap from anyone.


    Submitted by Debbie Pitzenberger (Facebook).

    4. When this dad proved he was way more hip than you.

    5. When this dad got super serious.


    Submitted by Kristin Smith (Facebook).

    6. When this practical jokester struck gold.


    Submitted by Jessica Adelman (Facebook).

    7. When this father was almost ~too~ helpful.

    8. When this dad easily befriended the bartender.


    Submitted by Dina Bean Phelps (Facebook).

    9. When this father proved to be both lazy and brilliant.

    10. When this dad stuck to the classics.


    Submitted by Lauren Daukaus (Facebook).

    11. When this father claimed to be a musical genius.


    Submitted by Lizzie Jessup (Facebook).

    12. When this dad joked about roadkill.


    Submitted by Hannah Waugh (Facebook).

    13. When this dad tried mocking his daughter.

    14. When this conservative father deserved a medal.


    Submitted by tikioomoo.

    15. When this dad gave Chuck Norris a run for his money.


    Submitted by CourtneyReneeh.

    16. When this dad took things too literally.


    Submitted by Charles Albert (Facebook).

    17. When this dad recently got a smartphone.

    18. When this father nicknamed his cat.


    Submitted by Maryw4839.

    19. When this dad turned into a magician.


    Submitted by AlisonY.

    20. When this dad proved he was the world's best texter.


    Submitted by ElizabethLura.

    21. When this dad became an infamous Elvis impersonator.


    Submitted by Alli Moore (Facebook).

    22. When this dad should have had his texting privileges revoked.

    23. And when this dad was the king of all dads.


    Submitted by Amyh482.

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