24 Heartbreaking TV Moments That Made You Cry Your Eyes Out

    Warning: You might want to have some tissues handy.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what moment in TV history was the most heartbreaking. Here are some of their responses.


    1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: When Will's father leaves him for a second time, and he asks Uncle Phil why his dad doesn't love him.

    2. 8 Simple Rules: Coping with John Ritter's death in real life with his character's death on the show.

    3. Boy Meets World: When Mr. Feeny admits his adoration for the gang and then dismisses his class for one final time.

    4. The Big C: When Cathy's son discovers the storage locker filled with gifts for his future birthdays, because she's expected to die of cancer and wants to always be there for him, and he starts bawling.

    5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: When Buffy has to kill Angel, the love of her life, to save the world.

    6. Archie Bunker's Place: Edith Bunker's death.

    7. Parenthood: When Kristina tells her family she has cancer.

    Submitted by heatherm158.

    8. Family Ties: When Alex P. Keaton's best friend, Greg, dies in a drunk driving accident.

    9. Breaking Bad: When Jesse keeps calling Jane's phone after her death, just to hear her voice, and then her phone gets disconnected.

    10. Futurama: When Fry's dog waits for him outside the pizza place every single day for 12 years until his death.

    11. Battlestar Galactica: The series finale, when Adama and Roslin survey the planet, and as Adama plans out the rest of their lives, Roslin quietly dies.

    12. Dexter: When Dexter finds Rita's dead body in the bathroom.

    13. M*A*S*H: Colonel Henry Blake's death.

    14. One Tree Hill: When Jimmy brings a gun to school and kills himself, and Keith dies in the process.

    15. Dead Like Me: When Georgie has to take her first soul and it turns out to be the little girl.

    16. Pokémon: When Ash agrees to let Pikachu be with his own kind and the two have to part ways.

    17. Six Feet Under: The series finale when Claire looks in the rearview mirror and sees Nate running toward her, but she keeps driving and starts crying.

    18. A Country Practice: Australians of a certain age will distinctly remember the moment their favorite character, Molly, died of leukemia.

    19. How I Met Your Mother: When Marshall's dad dies and Barney has a heart-to-heart with his own dad.

    20. Little House on the Prairie: When Caroline's parents make a trip to see her, but her mom dies en route, and Caroline runs to the wagon to see her mom but is instead greeted by her coffin.

    21. Glee: After Cory Monteith's death, when the show portrayed the death of Finn Hudson and everyone's reactions.

    22. Game of Thrones: The whole "Red Wedding" episode, especially when Robb says “Mother” and looks toward Catelyn.

    23. Grey's Anatomy: When Denny dies and Izzie can't do anything but hold his lifeless body and cry.

    24. Friends: The final scene when all the keys are on the table, and we realize that we're no longer part of their home.