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50 Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

Trust me.

Throughout the years, I've asked the BuzzFeed Community to show me the funniest pictures and posts on the internet. Here are the hilarious results.

1. This glorious makeover:

2. This new species:

3. This woman who is all of us:

4. This perfectly timed selfie:

5. This life-changing face-swap:

6. Phteven:

7. These word mix-ups:

8. This mysterious shadow creature:

—Maggie Beasley, Facebook

9. This TMI:

10. This incredible Adele cover:

11. This hilarious truth:

12. Lana Moonblood:


13. This cake fail:

14. This attempt at a pun:

15. These descriptive closed captions:

16. This school play gone wrong:

17. This convincing Jeopardy! edit:



18. These hurdlers without hurdles:

19. Wasp girl:

20. This awkward introduction:

21. This Shreklace:

22. This masterpiece:

23. This unfortunate spelling mistake:

—Keri Keefe Brooks, Facebook

24. This swearing dog:

—Emily Finlinson, Facebook

25. This inspirational hero:


26. This dog who sucks at frisbee:

27. This kid whose mom mixed up picture day with pajama day:

28. This hilarious misunderstanding:

Snapchat: Lambo New /

29. This baby's first hangover:

30. Arson cat:

31. This child who needs a spelling lesson:

—Gareth Harris, Facebook

32. These celebrity impersonators:

33. The world's worst crime:


34. This iconic throwback:

35. This masterful pun:

36. This kind message from a chocolate company:

37. This health-conscious pup:

—Jenny Schradeya, Facebook

38. This photoshoot gone wrong:

39. This grumpy grandma:

40. This yard sard:

41. This kitten who's keeping an eye on you:

42. This elderly man who needs to resend some letters:

43. Thank:

44. This crime scene:

45. This dog who is SO tired of Susan:

46. This flexible passenger:

47. This lost-and-found poster:

Randy Osborne /

48. This breaking news story:

49. None pizza with left beef:

—Madonna Kilpatrick-Kielion, Facebook

50. And this woman who accidentally attached a photo of Nic Cage instead of her resume to a potential future employer:

—Megan Eizabeth, Facebook

Did your favorite image not make the list? Upload it in the comments below!

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