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    21 Pinterest Cooking Fails You've Literally Never Seen Before

    These people should never cook again.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pics of their absolute worst cooking fails. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. These wannabe Oreo churros:

    "My friend and I attempted to make Oreo churros. They ended up looking like cat poop rolled in sand."

    —Ellie Cheesman, Facebook

    2. These peppermint chocolate Christmas cookies:

    "That's my Pinterest fail."

    —Julie Ann, Facebook

    3. These possessed deviled egg chicks:

    "Last year, I submitted my mom's messed-up deviled eggs chicks for the worst cooking fails, and it was featured in the worst-of-2016 roundup. She attempted them again this year to no avail."


    4. These sad rainbow cupcakes:

    "This was when I tried to make rainbow cupcakes and accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour. Six cups of sugar + zero cups of flour = a four-hour cleanup."


    5. These macarons that never even had a chance:

    "These were supposed to be macarons..."


    6. This terrifying hot dog mummy:

    "Here's my Halloween Pinterest fail."

    —Haili Friedrich, Facebook

    7. These "squirrel" cookies:

    "This is from the time my mom insisted I make squirrels out of expired cut-and-bake Pillsbury dough."


    8. This simple vanilla cake:

    "I tried to make this cake from a recipe I had never done before. It was the worst thing I ever made. The frosting was also too thick, so I couldn't spread it on the crumbled cake. I cried after I frosted it, but now when I see the cake I can't help but laugh."


    9. This ~slightly~ overcooked pasta:

    "Almost burned down the apartment."


    10. These less-than-perfect cookie bowls:

    "Once I tried to make those Pinterest-famous cookie bowls for ice cream. Something went terribly wrong. My friends still make fun of me for this! The worst part was that I actually went to school for baking and pastry for a year."


    11. This person who really just wanted some garlic bread:

    "My garlic bread??‍?"


    12. This blue soccer ball cake fail:

    "My kids know that I can't bake, but I always make their birthday cakes anyway. I wanted to surprise my daughter with a blue soccer ball cake. Instead, she received an alien spore."


    13. These buttery, flaky banana pancakes:

    "I tried to make banana pancakes for my friends. They were not impressed."


    14. These lackluster chocolate chip cookies:

    "We forgot to add the flour ingredients to our cookies. We had everything sifted and ready to go, but we forgot to combine the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients! Don't ask me how, considering both my friend and I bake quite frequently and we were following a recipe that we had successfully made before."


    15. This depressing frosting job:

    "I was trying to make tri-coloured frosted cupcakes. The frosting wouldn't come out of the tip and I had to mix the colours by hand with a spoon. The cupcakes ended up looking like they were topped with Play-Doh. I tried to make it better with sprinkles, but that only made it made it worse."


    16. This burnt AND undercooked coconut Bundt cake:

    "This was supposed to be a coconut Bundt cake. Somehow it was both burnt on the outside and uncooked on the inside. I may have shed a few tears over this disaster."


    17. These "easy" brownies:

    "I'm pretty good at cooking, but for whatever reason I cannot produce baked goods to save my life. This lump of charred concrete was meant to be delicious brownies. My wife is now in charge of all baking."


    18. These spooky Halloween-themed olive spiders:

    "I spent waaaay too much time arranging those darn spiders."

    —Haili Friedrich, Facebook

    19. This batch of homemade caramel gone wrong:

    "Tried to make a quadruple batch of caramel in what I thought was a big enough pan. Turned my back for one second and sentenced myself to an hour of painstaking (and very sticky) cleanup."


    20. These...meatballs??????



    21. And this unfortunate store-bought pizza:

    "A lovely pizza made by my boyfriend."

    —Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty, Facebook

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