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Show Us Your Worst Cooking Fail Ever


Cooking is not always easy.

“I tried to make these chocolate chip cookies filled with Funfetti frosting, and clearly Pinterest was a freaking lie…”


Maybe you were trying to make something super simple, but you made a reallllly stupid mistake.

Perhaps you wanted to re-create a recipe you saw on Pinterest, but you absolutely butchered it.

“We tried making those giant, fluffy pancakes with a rice cooker that we kept seeing on Pinterest. The edges became *slightly* burnt…”


Or maybe you're just a terrible chef, like this person who tried to make tea and failed.

“I tried to make tea and ended up burning the pot. Oops.”


We've all been there, so upload your absolute worst cooking fail pictures via the DropBox below!

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!