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26 Of The Worst Cooking Fails In 2016

Trust me.

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Throughout 2016, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their ultimate cooking and baking fails. Here are the painfully hilarious results.


10. This sugary mess:

“It takes talent to make a Pinterest-inspired cupcake turn out like what was made on the right. It was actually still raw, even after accidentally cooking it for 10 extra minutes, although it did explode everywhere.”



16. The end of the world:

“Throwback to when a friend and I tried to make a seven-layered ‘Earth’ cake for extra credit in a science class. The best part was it collapsing before we even got to turn it in as ‘The End of World as We Know It’ played on the radio.”



19. This face cake that had absolutely no chance:

“Usually my grandma makes great cakes, but she couldn’t find a lot of the sweets to decorate and had to improvise. The red icing she used ran out as well. Safe to say it didn’t go well and my little cousins were horrified.”



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