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23 Disney Movie Moments That Don't Make Any Freaking Sense

Where the hell are Aladdin's nipples?!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Disney movie moments don't make any sense. Here are the questions we need answered.

1. If Buzz Lightyear didn't think he was a toy, why did he still freeze when people came into the room?

2. Why did Tarzan have an American accent if he learned how to speak from a woman with an English accent?

3. How did one single dog give birth to 99 puppies in 101 Dalmatians?

4. How the hell are cars created in Cars? Do they mate with each other? Is car sex a thing? Are there car babies?

5. How did no one else in that whole damn kingdom have the same shoe size as Cinderella?

"You're telling me that there's only one bitch in the entire kingdom with a certain size shoe? Um, no."


6. Why didn't anyone recognize Jasmine, the kingdom's literal princess, when she hid under a simple cloak in Aladdin?

7. The beginning of The Lion King showed all of the animals bowing down to Mufasa, but why didn't any of the wildebeests attempt to stop or show any remorse after murdering their literal ruler during the stampede?

"Why didn't any of them think, 'Holy shit, we just trampled our king to death?!' They made no attempt to stop, go around him, or even check on him afterwards. I would think MURDERING YOUR LITERAL KING would warrant SOME KIND of reaction, yeah?"


8. How. Did. Mulan's. Makeup. Come. Off. So. Easily. It. Should. Have. Smeared. All. Over. Her. Face. And. Sleeve???????

9. Why didn't Belle recognize Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast when he literally transformed right in front of her eyes?

10. How did Pocahontas and her entire tribe speak English, especially if they had never met white people before?

11. Charlotte kissed Prince Naveen ~after~ the clock struck midnight in The Princess and the Frog, meaning she was no longer Princess of Mardi Gras, so why didn't she turn into a frog like Tiana did?

12. How did Ariel emerge from the water with perfect hair every single time in The Little Mermaid?

13. Where the hell are Aladdin's nipples?!

14. How do people in the Toy Story universe not have any suspicion that toys can move?

"The toys always just drop when people come back into the room. Hasn't anyone ever noticed that they're not in their original spots?"


15. If everything under the Fairy Godmother's spell in Cinderella was supposed to go back to normal at midnight, why didn't the glass slippers disappear?

16. Why didn't all the fish in the tank in Finding Nemo just hop into Nigel's mouth and get safely dropped off in the harbor?

17. The personalities in Riley's head in Inside Out are male and female, her mom's personalities are all women, and her dad's personalities are all men. When Riley gets older, will her personalities morph into the same gender?

18. McQueen and Cruz raced on the beach in Cars 3 and almost ran over a baby crab. If there were real animals in that movie, why are other animals featured as cars, like the VW Beetle and cow tractors?

19. If Adam was cursed as a child in Beauty and the Beast, how did the portrait in the castle depict exactly what he would look like as an older man? Who painted it, and how was it so accurate?

20. Ariel obviously knew how to write, because she signed her name on Ursula's contract in The Little Mermaid, so why didn't she just communicate that way with Eric?


21. In Monsters, Inc., Mike said Sulley had been jealous of him since fourth grade, but how could this be true if they didn't actually meet until college in Monsters University?

22. Why didn't Mother Gothel just lie to Rapunzel about her birthday? If she did, the lantern festival would have held much less significance to Rapunzel.


23. And why did Prince Charming depend solely on the glass slipper to fit a single woman in Cinderella, instead of looking at everyone's faces and listening to their voices for a perfect match?

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