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22 Secrets Lush Employees Will Never Tell You

That smell genuinely cures all hangovers.

1. The freshest bath bombs are always at the bottom of the pile.

2. But honestly, the bubble bars are a million times better anyway.

3. Filling the face mask display with ice every morning does wonders for our upper-arm strength.

4. But cutting the soap to exactly 100g is incredibly difficult.

5. We'll find any excuse to do a product demo.

6. No, we don't pump that smell on to the street.

7. Speaking of which, that smell cures all manner of hangovers.

8. The bath bombs make us sneeze too.

9. It's annoying when we spend ages recommending the right products for your skin type, just for you to pick the nicest-smelling one.

10. Wrapping up your items in a pretty scarf is not as easy as it looks.

11. No, we don't know all of the people on the labels.

12. And no, our products are not edible.

13. Whenever a new product range comes out, we each receive a sample package.

14. We also get first dibs on all the best gifts to buy at half price on Boxing Day.

15. We don't make air fresheners, but keeping an Avo Bath on the side will do the trick.

16. We hate having to wash out the black pots you return.

17. And we find the shower jellies impossible to handle.

18. Our henna dye is named after poo.

19. You can use most of our products at least a week after their "use by" dates.

20. In fact, we get to take the face masks home if they're about to expire.

21. If you're really nice, and chat to us for a while, we may give you some free samples.

22. But best of all, we have incredibly soft hands.