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15 Delicious Pastas With No Meat

Meatless Monday just got a whole lot tastier.

An 18-Year-Old Instagram Star Says Her "Perfect Life" Was Actually Making Her Miserable

"A 15-year-old girl that calorie restricts and excessively exercises is not goals."

Ariana Grande Flawlessly Shut Down Sexist Comments In A Radio Interview

Ariana knows the unicorn emoji isn't just for girls.

30 Halloween Costumes That Put All Of Us To Shame

Uggggggh, why didn't we think of these?

Ellen DeGeneres Dressed Up As A Kardashian For Halloween

"Karla Kardashian" to be exact. A new sister!

22 Secrets Lush Employees Will Never Tell You

That smell genuinely cures all hangovers.

The 23 Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Facebook

It's not just baby pictures, it also has some sick burns.

I Wore Skirts For A Week As A Man And This Is What Happened

Skirts have long been considered a women's garment. But these days guys are wearing skirts too. Guys like me!

This Group Of Friends Changed The Halloween Game With Their Coordinated Costumes

If your friends can't decide on one film, why not all of them?

23 Times Feminists Had The Perfect Comeback

Taking down misogynists on the internet since always.

9 Sandwiches That Will Make Your Brown-Bag Lunch Sing

Being stuck in an office all day is detrimental to a few things — namely, our lunches and our tans. We’re here to help with the first. Prevent PB&J fatigue with these nine solutions to the boring brown bag dilemma. With any luck, it won't feel like you’re eating at your desk anymore.

The 43 Most Amazing Manicures On Instagram

Thank god girls love showing off their nails via social media. Some of these inspiring summer nail art ideas are so simple you might even try them on yourself.

Remixed: A Wine Cooler From The Year 1895 That's Better Than Sangria

Warming and refreshing all at once — perfect for the early spring day drinking!

16 People That Did Not Wear Fringe, Tie-Dye, Or Next To Nothing At Coachella

And looked pretty good! Unlike most people that go to these things.

The Douche Awards

Finally, someone created an awards show specifically for Bret Michaels.

Disney Princesses As Cover Models

The best part is reading all the cover stories. Don't ever stop, Petite Tiaras. Not ever.

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