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    Posted on Sep 29, 2015

    21 Uni Personal Statements That Are Way, Way Too Real

    Pls let me in to your uni. Pls.

    1. This ridiculously accurate one.

    2. This one that 100% sums up what everyone wants to write.

    3. This one that bigs up the only achievement that really matters.

    "M8 I was voted most likely to become Prime Minister in my final sixth form assembly so I mean that's a good sign right? Please let me in."

    4. And this one that displays all the important skills unis are looking for.

    "I will show you pictures of dogs."

    5. This one that's pretty, but mostly useless.

    6. This short but sweet one.

    7. This one that's just damn nice.

    "I is kind. I is smart. I is important."

    8. This one that covers all the most important things: dogs, gaming, and Nicki Minaj lyrics.

    9. And this person who decided to quote 50 Cent.

    10. This one that all medical students can relate to.

    11. And this example, which is pretty much everyone's personal statement till the night before it's due.

    12. This one which is definitely true.

    13. This one that threatens bribery.

    14. This person who perfectly sums up everyone's feelings.

    15. This one that just gets straight to the point.

    16. This one, which is technically telling the truth.

    17. This person who has some great traits.

    18. This sweary realness.

    19. This entirely factual plea.

    20. This one, which perfectly sums up every personal statement ever.

    21. And finally, this.

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