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    18 Pictures That Prove "The Office" Is A Documentary

    So many bosses think they're Michael Scott.

    1. When this real life Jim covered their co-workers station in foil.

    2. When this person put their colleague's stapler in Jell-O.

    3. And when this unfortunate person had their desk gift-wrapped.

    4. When this shop advertised its Dwight Shrute collection.

    5. When someone left this note in a fridge.

    6. When workouts were cancelled due to company bowling.

    7. And when this company had a very Dunder Mifflin style party.

    8. When this person hosted the ultimate Dwight birthday.

    9. And this person decorated their colleague's desk like this.

    10. When a manager put up this 100% Michael Scott sign.

    11. When a boss sent this text.

    12. When someone put this sign up on their office coffee machine.

    13. And when a company held this referendum.

    14. When someone left this passive-aggressive sign in their office car park.

    15. When a boss gave this to their employee.

    16. And when someone's boss pulled this CLASSIC move.

    17. When this person definitely channelled Michael.

    18. And when someone pulled the ultimate Michael Scott.