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    18 Pictures That Prove "The Office" Is A Documentary

    So many bosses think they're Michael Scott.

    1. When this real life Jim covered their co-workers station in foil.

    @hotnlame / Via Twitter: @hotnlame

    2. When this person put their colleague's stapler in Jell-O.

    @brinafair / Via Twitter: @brinafair

    3. And when this unfortunate person had their desk gift-wrapped.

    @mattradel / Via Twitter: @mattradel

    4. When this shop advertised its Dwight Shrute collection.

    ButtChugAndChill / Via

    5. When someone left this note in a fridge.

    @VSweets / Via Twitter: @VSweets

    6. When workouts were cancelled due to company bowling.

    @tayknighttt / Via Twitter: @tayknighttt

    Michael would do this.

    7. And when this company had a very Dunder Mifflin style party.

    @annajthorley / Via Twitter: @annajthorley

    8. When this person hosted the ultimate Dwight birthday.

    tayknighttt / Via Twitter: @_wendyb07

    9. And this person decorated their colleague's desk like this.

    @savannaahh17 / Via Twitter: @savannaahh17

    10. When a manager put up this 100% Michael Scott sign.

    @maggiesoswaggie / Via Twitter: @maggiesoswaggie

    11. When a boss sent this text.

    @rebeccanichole_ / Via Twitter: @rebeccanichole_

    12. When someone put this sign up on their office coffee machine.

    nipse79 / Via

    Jim would definitely do this.

    13. And when a company held this referendum.

    @turbhandholding / Via Twitter: @turbhandholding

    14. When someone left this passive-aggressive sign in their office car park.

    typewritersblock / Via

    15. When a boss gave this to their employee.

    @MercadoDino / Via Twitter: @MercadoDino

    Michael would definitely do this.

    16. And when someone's boss pulled this CLASSIC move.

    @KelsieLitz / Via Twitter: @KelsieLitz

    The kind of low grade banter Mr Scott would be proud of.

    17. When this person definitely channelled Michael.

    guek / Via

    18. And when someone pulled the ultimate Michael Scott.

    petunia666 / Via


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