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19 British Summer Traditions Americans Will Never Understand

Honestly, we're proud of our crap looking BBQs.

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1. Getting a tiny disposable BBQ from a petrol station and bringing it to the park to cook between five and eight sausages.

valakirka / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: valakirka

Admittedly they do look a bit crap in comparison to those huge cookouts you seem to have in the US.

2. Having a lot of BBQs in the rain.

Jeremy Keith / Creative Co, / Via Flickr: adactio

"We've organised this BBQ and done the big Asda shop so we're not going to let a little thing like rain stop us" - everyone in Britain, at least twice a year.

3. And going to summer music festivals that seem to exclusively take place in the pissing rain.

Andy Buchanan / AFP / Getty Images

And yet still going back, year on year, because "maybe it will fall on the annual sunny weekend this year".

4. Rushing to the pub to buy pints to drink on the pavement as soon as the sun first emerges.

@howells / Via Twitter: @howells

We are allowed to drink on pavements here, and we like to do so outside pubs filled with perfectly good seating.


6. Drinking fruity cider in parks, even though we wouldn't touch the stuff in winter.

Tesco / Via

We don't normally drink this boozy Ribena for grownups, but for one week a year we think "yes, fuck the wine, it's fizzy fruity cider time" and rush to our local park. It makes you feel a bit sick, to be honest.

7. Putting an entire fucking salad in our drinks.

Sean Ellis / Via Flickr: s_w_ellis

It's traditional to pretend to like ordering extremely overpriced jugs of Pimm's in pubs from June - August. After the August bank holiday everyone goes back to normal drinks and we forget all about this bloody salad cocktail for another year.

8. The overwhelming feeling of indulgence we get from ordering a 99 Flake.

distillated / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: distillated

American ice cream is exciting and covered in all kinds of sauce and sprinkles, if Instagram has taught us anything. The 99 is sort of bland ice cream, but we still feel weirdly delux ordering one with A FLAKE.


11. Going to extremely busy campsites to camp surrounded by large numbers of other people.

Creative Commons / summonedbyfells / Via Flickr: summonedbyfells

Look, we’re not allowed to wild camp here, and we don’t have as much space as you. Instead we are forced into little grass parking lots. It’s kind of fun actually.


14. Complaining about the weather when it’s raining, and then immediately complaining as soon as it actually gets sunny.

I'm from Britain and I will complain about the weather being too cold or too hot until I die

It tends to go from 15°C to 35°C over night so we have basically no time to get used to it. We just melt instead.

16. Making swimming pools out of wheelie bins.

Bod wouldn't buy us a paddling pool so we made one...

The only people in the UK who have pools are incredibly rich, the rest of us are forced to improvise. For some reason a lot of British people think getting into a wheelie bin (garbage can) filled with water is a really good idea.


17. Or spontaneously buying a paddling pool and then letting it go green and gross for the rest of the summer.

@vashti_z / Via Twitter: @vashti_z

"It's worth it we'll get loads of use out of it!" *pool collects algae for two months*

18. Spending the one week a year when it's warm sitting in your garden complaining about the heat in one of these.

Alfresco Hire / Via

And yet never ever seeing one for sale. They just appear in your back garden one day and you're forced to raise them.

19. And, why men take their shirts off in the middle of town centres when it’s 15°C.

@featuredglasgow / Via Twitter: @featuredglasgow

Shirtlessness isn't just for the beach you know. Look, we don't have a lot of sunshine, we need to absorb as much vitamin D as possible while we can.