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21 Things That Happened At Every British School Sports Day

What was the sack race even for?

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2. It was usually on an unbelievably hot day.

3. But it would somehow still rain a bit.

Year 10 Sports Day at John Ferneley sheltering from the rain #whydoesitalwaysrainme


7. Someone got accused of cheating on the egg and spoon race.

Dropping your egg in the Egg and Spoon Race on Sports Day and feeling more like you had just dropped your dignity

A sly thumb on the egg or a bit of blu-tack, there was always some cheaky bastard you suspected of cheating.

8. Everyone developed different techniques that were guaranteed to win the sack race.

Probably one of the most difficult sports to master.


10. Someone tripped in the skipping race.

12. And there was some sort of really complicated obstacle race involving every single piece of equipment from the PE cupboard.

Thomas Guest / Via Flickr: thomasguest

Everything from hula hoops and cones, to hockey sticks and footballs. Tougher than The Hunger Games.


14. And the parents' race always got completely out of hand.

Defending champions only manage 2nd place in the parents sack race. #RoseHillSchool #TunbridgeWells

It's all chill til someone's dad rocks up to the start line wearing running shoes and an Iron Man finishers t-shirt.

15. But nothing was more competitive than the teachers' race.

Had a great day at The Bridge Community School sports day with @asdaactive. The teachers joining in with their race.


17. You got completely off your face on orange squash after your race.

Nectar of the gods.

20. But then were super disappointed when you found out your prize was a rubbish sticker.

Gotta be proud of my 2nd place finish in the obstacle race at a school's sports day. Can't beat getting a sticker too!