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Posted on Sep 22, 2016

21 Extremely Relatable Posts About Selasi From "Bake Off"

Next time I'm stressed I'm going to ask myself, "What would Selasi do?"

1. His level of chill is just unreal.

tamalray / Via

2. He's kind of *unnervingly* relaxed about the whole thing.

The only way Selasi could be any more awesome is if it turned out that he'd wandered into the tent by mistake and rolled with it. #GBBO

3. It's honestly ridiculous.

sakurablossomstorm / Via

4. Really, he's inspiring people everywhere.

I'm going to make a fortune producing "What Would Selasi Do?" bracelets. #gbbo

5. Selasi would calm down any stressful situation.

I would quite like Selasi to run 'handling stressful situations' workshops. Would attend. Would blush. #GBBO

6. Not only that but he is SO HELPFUL.

soggybottomed / Via

7. He's an overachiever.

You know selasi was that one kid who finished every exam an hour early and just sat there stretching & mouthing 'finished' #GBBO

8. And basically a god among men.

Running out of time? I refuse to believe that Selasi is confined by the concept of linear time. #GBBO

9. Even so, nobody wants him to fuck it up.

theyknowthatweknow / Via

10. There is also a LOT of Selasi thirst.

altar-del-cielo / Via

11. The thirst is almost too much.

sexual orientation: the way selasi drapes a tea towel over his shoulder #GBBO

12. Everyone wants him to look at them like this:

I just want somebody to look at me the way Selasi looks at Scotch bonnets. #GBBO

13. People want to release a calendar.

I want a Selasi calendar. Jan - Selasi piping. Feb - Selasi on motorbike. March - Selasi pleasantly surprised by level of spice #GBBO

14. A lot of people are shipping Paul and Selasi.

Feel like there's tension between Paul and Selasi? Like who is the true alpha baker male? I want them to wrestle in buttercream icing. #gbbo

15. And we all relate.


16. People are willing to watch him do anything.

comethefupinorfupthefupoff / Via

17. Really, anything.

Hello @BBCOne can we just have a show of Selasi piping icing for an hour. Sincerely, everyone. #GBBO

18. *fans self*

For those who have asked, here is Selasi piping out his cream. #GBBO

(It's not cream it's Viennese Whirl mix, we know)

19. He's an inspiration to us all.

nevertrustaduck394 / Via

20. The man is flawless.

longdistancewinner / Via

21. Congratulations on being perfect, Selasi.

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