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    14 Times Ed Sheeran Was Literally The Nicest Man In Show Buisiness

    Never change Ed, never change.

    1. When he visited a fan in hospital after they couldn't make it to his concert.

    2. When he helped a guy propose to his girlfriend who's battling brain cancer.

    @edsheeran she said yes thanks for the front row tic you made her wish come true #fightCancer

    Ed gave the couple front row tickets to one of his shows and stopped his performance of "Thinking Out Loud" to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

    3. When he surprised a fan at a mall after he overhead her performing his song.

    13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau was performing at a charity concert in a Canadian mall when Ed appeared on stage for an impromptu duet. The full video is ADORABLE.

    4. When he crashed a wedding and became the wedding singer.

    5. When he went on "Sesame Street" and taught children about how to behave at school and home.

    View this video on YouTube

    6. When he gave an inspirational speech to children who suffer from stuttering.

    Embrace your weirdness. From a stuttering point of view, don't treat it as an issue. Work through it and get the treatment you want to get, but don't ever see it as a plight on your life. Carry on pushing forward.

    7. When he helped Little Mix's Jesy Nelson get engaged

    8. When he let a guy propose on stage at one of his concerts and almost started crying.

    Proposal at the @edsheeran concert #shesaidyes

    Ed noticed a guy in the crowd holding up a sign so he invited him up on stage with his girlfriend. The guy then gave a proposal speech filled with Ed Sheeran puns before getting down on one knee.

    proposal tonight in austin, i might've welled up, but don't say anything -

    9. When he send a personalised message to a couple for their wedding.

    When Laura Jordan found out her fiancé Jack had only weeks to live, she planned the perfect wedding in just six days. Ed sent them a special message to congratulate them.

    10. When he swapped charity donations with a fan.

    CUTE STORY ALERT: Thank you @edsheeran & Piper.What a lovely & kind gesture :) #CharityTuesday

    11. When he made all his concerts the same price.

    12. When he gave his clothes to charity shops in his home town.

    Given my whole wardrobe a bunch of charity shops. All stuff worn on shoots, videos and live, if you live around suffolk it might be near you

    Ed regularly donates clothes to charity shops in his home town of Framlington, Suffolk.

    13. When he surprised a young fan with the best Christmas present ever.

    View this video on YouTube

    Ed surprised 11 year old Aimee Keogh with a duet on TV show The Late Late Toy Show, where he gave her a Christmas present and promised to pay for her and her family to see him perform in London.

    14. And when he rescued an adorable kitten who was going to get put down.

    So basically this one month old kitten was gonna get put down so I adopted him and called him Graham. Just bought Graham a bed and snacks

    Ed rescued adorable Graham the cat and obviously set up a Twitter account for him.